Deputy Central Bank Governor: item VII limiting Iraq economically and must move aggressively to break;

Date: Saturday 14-01-2012 09: 18 am

Baghdad (newsletter). Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammed Saleh, Iraqi Government look to move to lift the country from huge item VII to create the appropriate climate for global companies.
He said Saleh (News Agency news) Saturday: departure from Iraq essential item VII transfer of up-to-date technological and overseas experiences in various economic areas, the fact that Iraq needed a network of international contractors to implement investment projects.
Noted: that local contractors were not with extensive experience, leading to delays in the implementation of many investment projects in the country, adding that the implementation of projects annually report (30%) As a result of inexperience and lack of modern technological transfers to Iraq.
He added: the global foreign companies for the contractors feel free also to enter Iraq since it remains under item VII is notorious for peoples imposed.
He said that item VII allows the use of force and economic boycott on countries that infringe on world peace, and the international community had been believed that Iraq invaders on world peace.
The Iraqi Government: work to reassure the international community that the country is safe and does not need to use force against him, after the departure of US forces.
Student Government: to move power towards the United Nations to lift Iraq from huge item VII to be a safe country open around the world, and the granting of financial sector more freedom to deal with global banks./finished/8. d/s.