The Appert (News): discussed with al-Hashimi all issues, notably article (140)

Date: Saturday 14-01-2012 01: 51 pm

Sulaymaniyah (newsletter). Research Vice-President Tareq al-Hashemi with the Kurdistan Islamic Group Emir Attorney in the House of Appert, the latest political developments in Iraq and provincial.
Appert said to reporter (News Agency news) said Saturday after meeting al-Hashimi: they discussed many issues concerning the political situation and the ongoing political process, and correct the course.
He added: it student from Appert Al article (140), it will improve the relationship between Kurds and the Iraqi list and neighbouring districts of the province, and increased attention.
Noted: that assured him that he asked the representative of the Government of the territory of the higher Committee for the implementation of article (140) accelerate the implementation of the article and move them towards application according to the Constitution/finished/24 n. p.