Political bloc in the House of Anbar is preparing to topple Bakrhot and four members of the bench!

Special scales News - A source in the al-Anbar province, on Monday, and there are 10 members in the Council of Anbar and signed on the grill their boss Krhot morning to demand his dismissal from office and interrogated on suspicion of the existence of financial corruption in his administration.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for / scales News / "The 10 members of the Council of Anbar demanded an investigation with the head of the Anbar morning Krhot on suspicion of the existence of financial corruption in his administration as well as ill-Council Administration," revealing that "the ten member working on the formation of a political bloc inside the provincial council to work reforms and Krhot exemption from office. "

The source added that "members of the ten are determined to hold on Tuesday session to discuss several matters of interest to Anbar notably exempt Krhot from his post and replaced by one of the members of the Council," explaining that "the candidates for the position of Krhot if replaced their" four "members of the provincial council and they both : Halbusi Jasim, Ghazi Yahya Mohammadi, holiday Ammash Karbouli, Hamid Ahmed al-Hashim. "

The "Anbar Council is composed of 30" .anthy 29 / d 25 member