Kurds make up their own army ready to independent state (Part 2)
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Thread: Kurds make up their own army ready to independent state (Part 2)

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    Kurds make up their own army ready to independent state (Part 2)

    He said Yawar, "Neither we nor federal Iraq need to Israeli experts, as well as the absence of formal ties between Iraq and Israel, including the provincial government," explaining that "Everyone knows that there are advisers officials from the American side organized their work in Iraq, the American Convention signed between Baghdad and Washington They are located in the province to assist and train its forces with the officers in the Iraqi army. "politically, said a member of the House of Representatives and leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Hussein Nrmo that" the government of Dr. Barham Saleh seeks to unite all the military and security services in the region to form a system of institutionalized under which these forces under the the command of Prime Minister Dr. Barham Salih, the region, "he" will not constitute a Council, as rumored, but there is the Ministry of Peshmerga. "

    Nrmo said that "the aim of standardization is to establish an institutional system that works for the Kurdistan Regional Government and not for the benefit of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Democratic Party or, as was the case previously, but after the unification of the two governments will have to be troops under the command of the new government." In the meantime, denied a member of the House of Representatives and leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Saadi Ahmed beer "and there are problems hamper the application of the unification project."

    "The Peshmerga great strength and needs time to organize, and the goal of uniformity is that the formations of the Peshmerga as formations of the Iraqi army and to be of the regiments and brigades and company sites known to the Ministry of Defense and according to plan defense of Iraq and in agreement with the province." According to the United Press, he finds fighters Peshmerga themselves lose an ally in a time dominated by the majority-backed Shiite Iran and the defense and interior ministries which control the army and security forces. and the Peshmerga forces, and many of its affiliates were fighters in the insurgency long against Saddam Hussein, has maintained the strength and independence of a relative in the north. It is noted in the Texas Institute of Stratfor security consultancy that
    "members of the Peshmerga," "Whatever their regulatory status in the end, they will remain loyal to the Kurdish issue."

    The institute says that "the Kurdistan Regional Government, conscious of it when you lose guarantor of its security when the U.S. withdrawal and understanding of the results of alignment of interests of Shiite - Sunni against it in the Arab-Kurdish, decided to unite Kurdish military to defend its autonomy." The International Crisis Group warned "that the balkanization The security forces are likely to increase, at a time long political crisis in Iraq. "

    And attached Kurds stubbornly identity ethnic throughout the hard years of rule by Saddam Hussein, as well as in the period that followed the U.S. occupation that has characterized most of the chaos when he became the Kurdish enclave in the north semi-independently within the federal government in Baghdad. And often parties KDP and the Patriotic Union of Tigers put up their differences aside to help the Americans to topple Saddam. Regardless of the Kurdish national sentiment of deep-seated, the move towards the formation of an independent army accelerated with the emergence of an army dominated by Shiites since Saddam's ouster. There are about 35 thousand Kurds in the uniformed military. To minimize the impact of the Kurdistan Regional Government on the Kurdish forces, Baghdad, published primarily Kurdish brigades of the second and third teams in the south. These are the forces that will form the backbone of the Kurdish army to be established. And the central government in Baghdad, which plans to worry about the Kurdistan Regional Government, proposed the absorption of thirty thousand of the Peshmerga into the national army.

    But the provincial government refused, and the decision "to form a Kurdish army" apparently due to the growing concern that Kurdish forces would put them in conflict with the official forces around the oil-rich Kirkuk. The Kurds claim that Kirkuk is historically a part of their area. During Saddam's rule was expelled Kurds and the Arabization of the region - the Kurds, who believe that the oil fields will form the core economic independent state, have been reflecting that process "any Arabization of Kirkuk through the resettlement of the Kurds,"
    since 2003. And kept the American forces a cover on the barrel of gunpowder burning. But the fear that he will explode in the end if settlement is reached when the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces

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