Kurds make up their own army ready to independent state (Part 1)
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Thread: Kurds make up their own army ready to independent state (Part 1)

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    Kurds make up their own army ready to independent state (Part 1)

    Kurds make up their own army ready to independent state

    Note: This is Not a recent article... However; it pertains to the current events and contains a mass amount of history with the KRG and parties...
    Worth your time to read...

    Was paid by the Kurdish fears of the repercussions of a total U.S. pullout the end of 2011 two main Kurdish parties

    Democratic and national levels to intensify their efforts to unify the Peshmerga forces, and in the time of holding the political crisis resulting from the elections is crucial in the seventh of March "March" to the rest of Iraq, and amid conflict political forces to form a coalition government, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Barham Salih, on the twentieth of October First, expand the administrative powers to establish the direct control of the security forces and intelligence services in the region, and form a structure known as the "Council of the brave"

    Council to serve as a Kurdish security. The new council will be headed by Karim Sinjari Kosrat Messenger and military commanders of the two parties. Sources say Kurdish fighters of the two parties Adidhm 80,000 eighty thousand fighters known as the Peshmerga Kurdish army will merge in one of eight military teams.

    But the Minister of Peshmerga Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa
    denied the existence of "special board" to organize the integration of forces, Sulaimaniya and Arbil in one army, explaining that what is happening now is "the process of unification of the Peshmerga forces in the province under the banner of one ministry."And Sheikh Mustafa said no truth to the information contained in the report, the American Council on the establishment of a special consolidation of the Peshmerga forces in the region.

    He said
    "What is happening is to unite these forces in one ministry." He continued in this context, "We are continuing the integration of brigades and regiments and we have the structure of a ministerial organized on the basis of the law and the Ministry of Peshmerga for the unification of the forces of the respective parties in units Kavoaj and brigades." On the reason for choosing this time to launch the project, Mustafa said, "did not choose this time to complete this step, but there was a plan coordinated with the knowledge of everyone and almost a year ago." He added, "we have integrated so far, four brigades, according to the vocabulary of law and the steps and stages studied down to the eventual unification of the Regional Guard forces." The minister said the Kurdish that the standardization process does not face "any obstacle or a problem," adding to the enjoyment of this step on bail unconstitutional, saying that "each province According to the Iraqi constitution has the force is called the power of guards of the region and our goal of standardization is to be all armed forces under the command of one act and under the banner of a single law. "

    According to the site, "Intelligence on the Internet," a Web site in Paris covers the security issues that the process (merger and the formation of a Kurdish army) will be supervised by Sheikh Jaffar Mustafa, Minister for Peshmerga. The Web site said that Sheikh Mustafa "was happening on the advice of the Israeli advisers, with unconfirmed reports claimed that Mustafa Massoud Barzani met in January in Vienna with the former director of the Israeli foreign intelligence service, Mossad, Danny Yatom, who was advised the process of military coordination." She reports that the Mossad and Israeli private companies with links to the Israeli Defense Ministry has long been helping the Kurds in the relations experiencing ups and downs for the back four decades. Would be to withdraw the U.S. military a significant impact on the Kurdish plans.

    Vmqatlo Peshmerga, who were bitter enemies of the Saddam regime, who were allies who rely on them to America more than the rest of its allies during the occupation in 2003 and the chaos that followed. And on the allegations of advice provided by generals in the army of the leaders of the Kurdistan region in a unification of the Peshmerga forces, Mustafa said, "This is untrue. " He added: "Our forces are trained in the camps, the Iraqi Kirkush and Kazak, Taji and under the supervision of Iraqi officers and this talk rumors launched by State officials reported they want to discredit the Kurds and Kurdistan "????. and before the minister said," can the media that the visits to the camps in general across the country and the vision of Iraqi officers who trained the sons of the Peshmerga forces. "

    "There is a special course for officers of the Ministry of Peshmerga are now held at Camp Taji, and to learn all that and position to recognize the truth of what we say." He added, "We do not live in Israel or Ngeorha." Mustafa said that "what is stated in the report of the American Agency is incorrect."

    He said the report, "said the names of unrelated forces Peshmerga, Mr Karim Sinjari, minister of the interior region and Mr. Kosrat Messenger is the Vice President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and are not responsible for this file is absolutely," adding that "the only person responsible for this file is the President of the Kurdistan region Mr. Massoud Barzani, in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the Peshmerga forces in the province and the Ministry of Peshmerga responsible for unification, management and all the peshmerga. "For his part, said a spokesman for the Peshmerga forces Jabbar Yawar said," In every time the broadcast that we have links to advisers Israeli soldiers and it has no basis of health ".

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