$ 4 billion trading Baghdad Stock Exchange in 2011

13.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - Hisham Abdul Wahab - Dar Al-Hayat said Executive Director of «the Iraqi market for securities» Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, that the market has achieved significant results in 2011, most notably the rise in the general index by 34.7 in percent, compared to 2010, while the market value of shares listed on the market 4.93 trillion dinars (four billion dollars) and record the number of shares traded 492 billion shares worth 941 billion dinars. He told «life» that the number of shares purchased by non-Iraqis in the market amounted to 82.7 billion shares worth $ 147 million, with record number of shares sold by non-Iraqi 18.7 billion shares worth $ 41 million. He said the number of listed companies in the «Iraqi market for securities» of 87 joint-stock company, representing the sectors of banking, industry, financial investment, insurance, hotels and agriculture. He pointed out that the structure of the sectors in the Iraqi economy lacks the companies important contribution such as telecommunication companies, services and holding companies and investment funds. the financial results of companies and pointed out that Iraqi law imposed on the companies issuing annual final accounts during a period not to exceed 150 days from the end of each year, are also required the issuance of quarterly data within a period not exceeding 60 days from the date of the end of the chapter. He considered that the lack of commitment to a number of companies contributing to these timings affect the turnover of stock and stock indexes other, hoping that meet the telecommunications requirements of the listing this year. He said Abdul Salam, the market seeks to raise awareness in the field of investment in securities, and organized sessions training in the stock market included 610 students from colleges and universities in Iraq, and signed contracts with Mayaúha to provide masters and doctoral students with information and data, and help them to implement their research projects to gain certificates in topics related to active Iraqi Stock Exchange, in addition to a workshop on the occasion of the passage of two years on the opening of trading activity-mail in the market. He pointed to the opening of a sub-Salam company «Spring Brokerage» in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, and after the success of electronic connectivity, enabling Irbil branch of the company from trading through the electronic system directly to the market as of May. Will market the full support of any brokerage company wishes to open a branch in Iraq's provinces, to enable investors and shareholders from trading directly from these branches in a market plan for the new year, which include activation of the bourse's activity at various levels, especially transparency and disclosure. concluded Salam to the market seeking to participation in conferences and seminars of local, Arab and international, private and governmental, to attract investors and definition of its activity, and for closer cooperation and exchange of experiences and investing in active participation in the «Committee of Executive Directors» emanating from the «European Union Asian stock markets», who was re-elected Iraq, a member of the Committee for the second time in in 2010.

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