Alsjeri: Maliki is eager to finish the outstanding issues between Kuwait and Baghdad

13.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - from Haider Al-Hajj - Al-Rai newspaper said Iraqi Minister of State Former Foreign Affairs Ali Alsjeri, the outstanding differences between his country and Kuwait are simple and can be solved if there is sincerity of that, noting that the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is seeking a serious end to this file, and open a new page of relations based on mutual respect and common interests between the two neighboring countries. Alsjeri revealed in an interview for «opinion» of the existence of a genuine desire of the Government of his country in order to strengthen relations with Kuwait , through the settlement of outstanding issues, particularly the files of debt and the airline and the remains of Kuwaiti prisoners and the National Archives, and other issues inherited from the former regime. He said that «during an earlier meeting with the Kuwaiti Ambassador in Baghdad, told him of our willingness to go anywhere to search for the remains of their children and to ease the full-file the relationship between our two countries, but I think that the third parties and regional pay Kuwait direction to keep the case as it is with Iraq ». On the issue of port Mubarak and Iraqi stance of it, he replied, «As everyone knows there are two opinions about this subject, the first exhibitions sponsored by Ministry of Transport, and the other sees the lack of impact of the port of Kuwait on Iraqi interests, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prompting proposed the idea to prepare a report of a neutral party illustrates the fact whether there is an effect of this port or not ». He added that «if the report indicated a neutral and a negative impact of this port on the navigation of Iraq, it could explain that to the brothers of Kuwaitis and become the owners of the right, and if rejected could resort to international arbitration », reiterated its proposal to create a partnership between the two countries in the operation of the port of Mubarak. and always in Kuwaiti affairs, explained Alsjeri Maliki rejects statements convulsive which issued by the political circles about the issue of port Mubarak, noting that the head of his country's government calls for calm in this matter and leave the question of consideration to the relevant committees. In terms of foreign relations of his country, which is still apathy tinged with some countries, particularly Gulf ones, revealed Alsjeri for parking parties and personalities to participate in the political process in Iraq since April 2003, behind the disturbing relationship between his country and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, through the information «false» provided by those parties and figures about the internal situation in her meetings with leaders and officials of the Gulf for years ago. He Alsjeri which able finally to regain his seat in Parliament after leaving the cab of ministerial current coverage decision Limbering Ministerial «Through my work as Minister for Foreign Affairs discovered that Gulf countries have a distorted picture of the internal Iraqi situation, because of what is communicated to it, politicians and Congress are always visiting and meet Bmlokha and princes and officials of the ». He said, that «the Gulf officials whom I met during my government always used to say to me that we did not listen to the vision of a unified Iraqi, but we listen in our meetings with Iraqi political figures of the visions of a Sunni, Kurdish and Shiite», pointing out that the multiplicity of discourse outside contributed to the form an image is real on the status of the new Iraq. Minister Almrhq, Oaab «weak» diplomacy of his country, which led for eight years, the minister veteran Kurdish Hoshyar Zebari, which is shared by Alsjeri with politicians and other legislators who had ticked comments negative on the performance of the diplomatic corps and his handling of external files. Alsjeri said, in this regard, «there is a significant weakness in the performance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it did not succeed in transferring the real image of the new Iraqi reality. With this vulnerability enable some politicians from distorting the facts on the ground, and deliberately accusations leveled at the government and its president ». He confirmed that some officials in the Gulf states, their failure to understand what they heard him during his visits when he was in his government, especially since he was transferred to them «facts of what is happening in Iraq and refute the lies that were repeated by the hearing visitors from the leaders and political figures, local ». Alsjeri After sitting in the parliament, still speak the language of a quiet typical of diplomats only, especially if it is addressed to a foreign policy of his country, did not respond to his tongue over the (30) minutes for the interview journalist played with him, anything that might lead to a crisis in the relationship between his country and regional neighboring countries, specifically the Gulf of them. but on the contrary sought the former minister who had won the last legislative deputy for the province of Salah al-Din, in his press to said all that would strengthen bilateral relations with Arab countries, specifically the Gulf of them, and urged his government to «remove the false image formed in the Gulf states what is happening in the country». With regard to the tools that can strengthen relations with the Gulf countries, he replied, «on initially be working to change the stereotypical image taken on the existing ruling regime in Iraq through the exchange of visits at the highest levels, and open a new fold in which eras past and find ways to address the outstanding differences once ». He said «if removed distrust and suspicion generation in the Gulf States to Iraq, it must be open to those countries economically and opening the doors to investment companies and give them priority in obtaining investment make them defend Iraq and is keen on the stability of his sons, ».

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