The head of the Iraqi economy: industrial and chaotic laws require supportive

Date: Thursday 12-01-2012 01: 57 pm

Baghdad (newsletter). Industrial grouping ruled out Abdel Hassan Al shammari evolution of the industrial sector in the coming period, in the absence of supporting legal enactments activation.
He said Al-shammari (News News Agency) Thursday: Iraqi economy in General and industrial sector in particular to promote and develop without legal legislation supported by organized work, noting that the Iraqi economy "messy" and lack of strategic plans and its supporting regulations.
He added: the industry will evolve in the foreseeable future if not supporting laws as alkmerket tariff law and protection of the local product, and Consumer Protection Act.
Noted: the new public budget with foundations and frameworks for building the country's economy, but money is not enough without legislative regulations.
Drawing: the importance of making such important laws for the purpose of determining the direction of the Iraqi economy, is inclusive or free market economy.
Called: to involve the private sector with public to take part in the economic development of the country.
Revealed: the appropriations granted by the Ministry of industry and minerals this year is very large, reaching more than 4 billion dollars, would jump in the industrial sector to outposts in case approved the necessary laws governing its work.
The Ministry of industry has developed strategic plan for the rehabilitation of factories and affiliates to promote private industrial sector in Iraq./finished/8. d/s.