Tribute to the results of the parliamentary meeting of the three presidencies


BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid
praised the deputies of the different blocks results of the meeting of the three presidencies, which was held yesterday, stressing that this meeting is a preparatory meeting for the National Conference. The deputies of the "morning" that during the meeting to agree on the most important lines and key points that will be presented at the conference national levels.
has praised the lawmaker Kazem Shammari to the meeting of the three presidencies, contending that the meeting "very important" to improve the situation at the same time is a message to all politicians, militants, and a message to the people also that this crisis can be cordoned off if there was good faith by all.
and what is most important were discussed during the meeting, Al-Shammari said: "This meeting dealt with the problem of the political crisis experienced by the country and the question of convening a national conference and to accelerate it, and take all the blocks positions to prove its good intentions," saying that everyone, especially President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Chairman of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi have the desire of large and careful to put the problems in question in order to reach a solution, "adding that everyone is convinced that the country Atdar crisis versus crisis and the auditor should political and all the blocks to be aware that it is time to develop solutions to every crisis in Everyone knows that since the formation of the government until now has not solved any problems, so these steps by the presidencies of the task to create a reference to deal with all the crises experienced by the country.
For his part, Rep. Jabar Kanani: "The meeting of the three presidencies will be the start of the preparation of the National Conference to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month. "said Kanani," it was the preparation of the main points that will be discussed during the conference and can be a common platform at the level of preparation to the National Congress is expected.
"The stated position of the meeting indicates that as a constitutional reference the foundation upon which in the management of the country, a foundation which must rely on him to settle our differences, "he said, adding that he was set up joint committees aim to reach the agenda of the President to be put up during the conference and this is announced today. The Kurdistan Alliance MP Sheriff Soliman has confirmed that the" contract such a meetings and dialogues between the leaders are good and important step to prepare for the national conference to bring the points of view.
He said Solomon, "This meeting is a good step at this stage, especially as the three presidencies represent the pyramid top in the country," noting that it was agreed to hold the conference and the search for solutions to all outstanding problems between the blocks on the accordance with the Constitution and that there is a line to the political process, in addition to that it was agreed on the preparation and urgency in the conference, and that there is full agreement on the contract and the three presidencies in identifying the defect and the difficulties experienced by the political process.
The MP the Iraqi List, the white high Nassif has noted that "This meeting is a preparatory meeting for the conference, a meeting is important for mature issues that were raised previously in numerous conferences and meetings including the Conference of Arbil." and showed Nassif that depart from the contexts in time led to many problems , while stressing the importance of such a meeting.
She Nassif, "it was at the meeting agreed on the outlines of the national conference scheduled end of this month," adding that the political crisis existing in much of the decade, and there are many political forces that wish success to the Conference National and out of the crisis gripping the country.