Parliamentary Finance confirm the presence of a large financial reserve of the Iraqi State

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, Tuesday, that Iraq has a large financial reserve of hard currency to support the Iraqi currency and raising the exchange rate, as pointed out that the government took over the empty state coffers from the previous government.
The committee member said Masood Haider told / information /, that "Iraq has a financial reserve large Astrteja of hard currency to support the Iraqi currency, and raise its exchange rate", but he also said, "but that the current government took over the state treasury empty than its predecessor as it took over the Ministry of Finance billion only was It exists in the Treasury. " Haider called on the government to "take immediate measures to increase the economic sources that finance the state budget, because Iraq depends on oil Baaradath and this is not true." He revealed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Monday, for lack of a cash reserve with the Iraqi government, pointing out that previous governments spent all Ctaati.