Confronted with rejection as conclusive and matched b pink "bullet" Al-Maliki
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Thread: Confronted with rejection as conclusive and matched b pink "bullet" Al-Maliki

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    Confronted with rejection as conclusive and matched b pink "bullet" Al-Maliki

    Twilight news after claims by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on granting Kurds a separate identity, the bishops began increasing feedback from stakeholders, rejected this proposition Coalition alkordstanet blocks, counting the bishops in Parliament representative Kurd Kurdistan remarks mercy killing on convergence projects consider contacts, an adviser to President Jalal Talabani blamed what it called harsh conditions for Kurds to the bishops to Kurdish leaders "young", which he characterized as "ignorant" about the role of the bishops in the founding of the movement of Kurds Kurdish.

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in a speech while attending the second anniversary of the founding of the National Congress for Kurds to the bishops said Saturday that the bishops must be for Kurds a separate identity, there must be a tent with ltbris this component from the components that pits on partnership and marginalize, adding that Iraqis need to know who they are because many of them Kurds alfillion need a definition, and a lot of this component are scientists in seminaries who work with the Iraqis and they know They're as WordPress Viljoen.

    And senior coalition confirms Deputy alkordstanet blocks to reject his claim granting Kurds the bishops independent identity, pointing out that the bishops hold Kurdish nationality.

    According to Mahmud Othman, said in an interview for "Twilight", "try to count the elephants other ethnic Kurds is invalid, the falsification of identity", however, saying "if it was counted as his to their other national, is another matter."

    Osman and confirms is a leading independent Coalition alkordstanet blocks that "some parties try to drag the bishops to a certain doctrine Kurd", adding that "the subject is unacceptable because a part of the Kurds".

    "Several Governments attempted to separate the nationality and the Kurds do not correspond to reality," he said, adding that "Kurds injured Kurdish leaders of the bishops, and in these circumstances demands and fairness".

    Previously the Supreme Criminal Court issued on 29/11/2010 to the right of convicted fifteen who murder and displacement and deportation of Kurds the bishops promised Kurds committed against the Bishops of genocide.

    Earlier the Cabinet after the decision of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal that pledged to remove all negative effects resulting from the unjust decisions made by the former regime against Kurds the bishops as Iraqi nationality and confiscation of movable and immovable property and rights usurped.

    Maliki makes in his speech yesterday that the bishops are the Kurds ' unit and the entrance gate to give their identity documents, ranging from wemmtlakathm and immovable to become genuine partners in the country, adding that Kurds participation does not give the gift of the bishops but take by force because their surgeries deep. "

    Kurdistan region President Masoud Barzani after Supreme Court decision in the case of the bishops had demanded all the Kurds in Iraq and Kurdistan to keep track of all the Bishops of maikhdm Kurds equity in all respects and make available all means to compensate and returns all their confiscated by the old regime.

    Thousands of Kurds are subjected to the Bishops of displacements by the former Iraqi regime began on 4 April 1980, which had been displaced to Iran after confiscation of their movable and immovable property, and supporting documentation such as nationality and Iraqi citizenship certificate on the grounds that their return to Iran, forcing some of them to change their names to preserve their lives and their families from the killing and displacement.

    But with Presidential Adviser Jalal Talabani, the Kurdish leadership "younger" what difficult conditions for Kurds to the bishops, stating that the command "ignorant" about their role in the founding of the Kurdish movement.

    Adel Murad says for "twilight news," young Kurdish leadership responsibility difficult conditions for Kurds to the bishops after the fall of the former regime. "

    He adds that "this leadership does not know much about the role of the Kurds in the Kurdish movement the bishops libertarian, and that the first Conference of the Kurdish Democratic Party held in the House of the Bishops for Kurds back in Baghdad, and was the most prominent leaders of the party Jaafar Mohammed Karim alveli".
    Kurdish people has already demanded that the bishops over "twilight news, President Jalal Talabani to activate the work of Kurdish Affairs Bureau the elephants in the Presidency of the Republic to help resolve outstanding issues.
    Murad recalls that "there are many parties, such as pink stood an obstacle to the formation of the Office of the Presidency to pursue Kurdish issues the elephants".

    Draws the to the "non-Kurdish leadership went to question the bishops present Kurds opened for religious parties to exploit their cause in achieving its agendas and political separation from the Kurdish nation."

    Murad explains that "despite the many years the fall of the former regime still Kurds alfillion suffer from new State bureaucracy, welaytmknon to regain their rights only by payment of money and barely selves".
    While the bishops in Parliament representative Kurd Kurdistan Maliki's remarks as a shot on the draft convergence between different views and endeavours to eliminate the disparities between the components of Iraqi society.

    Says Ali Hussein Philly for "twilight news" talk which was made by Al-Maliki rolling in more than one forum but the result is the same in both the Shiite and Kurdish city, from the right to ask: do the statements by the Prime Minister, released him as Prime Minister, as leader of a certain political party, "he said, adding that" every case of a certain interpretation and analysis, which in any case, a clear message in timing as the eyes of the forthcoming visit of the aspiration of the delegation of the Government of Kurdistan to Baghdad To discuss outstanding issues between the two sides ".

    And through Philly believed that "the Islamic Dawa party long known for their struggle and their sacrifices and the large numbers of martyrs; but it is also known that larger numbers of martyrs grows with the responsibilities and obligations to them and to their families."
    Philly asked "how many martyrs and disappeared from the elephants included Kurds within that growing numbers of martyrs enemy of Dawa martyrs?" indicating that "the bishops are their martyrs of Kurdish martyrs of Iraq and not specific to any martyrs themselves."

    Ask another question: "how Maliki is entitled to claim the bishops join Kurd tent only; at the time was unable to join each Shiite party tent (Islamic Dawa party)?".
    Philly refused to exploit problems and differences within a single component for political purposes, saying that "our Kurdish city suffers from certain internal problems as well as others also have their problems", but "this does not mean to exploit our differences ltsaderazmat and problems of others."
    Philly also expressed his belief that "words by Al-Maliki was a mercy shot projects the convergence of views and efforts made towards eliminating disparities between the components of Iraqi society and strengthen national cohesion", stating that these "remarks were therefore undermined the noble work and quit all those good offices".
    It concluded that "the words of Al-Maliki charged carries a message to Kurds outside the province that they should think of the slogan and new approaches and not named in the approach and clear and Frank appearance is as werdithm (i.e. the objective is in Kurdish on each as pink live outside Kurdistan)".
    After various positions in the light of the remarks Al-Maliki and the first of its kind, observers wonder, where is the process of tension regarding the Kurd's slide attacks the bishops to great injustice in various times experienced by Iraq, and when to stop the exploitation of tragedies for political purposes, at a time when many deficits decision-makers meet their demands and granted their legitimate rights.
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