Talabani and U.S. Ambassador to the second meeting for them within 48 hours, discuss efforts to overcome the political crisis

1/11/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - where 's President Jalal Talabani with the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad James Jeffrey, the second meeting for them within 48 hours of efforts to overcome the political crisis that currently exist. Talabani was and Jeffrey had met my mother first Monday after the return of Talabani, to Baghdad from Sulaimaniya, in search of "the political situation in the Iraqi arena and efforts to calm the current situation and ways to the success of the National Congress," according to a presidential statement issued late Monday. According to a statement the presidency said Wednesday that Talabani discussed with the U.S. Ambassador during their meeting this evening, the preparations to hold a national conference in addition to discussing ways to develop relations between the two countries. He said the U.S. ambassador during the meeting the importance of the pivotal role of President Talabani in solving these problems that hinder the development of the political process, expressing the determination of his country's interest in strengthening relations of friendship and partnership strategy with Iraq and to provide assistance required to the Iraqis.

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