Talabani begins consultations on the National Conference .. Barzani and confirms that he would not attend if held in Baghdad

1/11/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa Erbil: Shirzad Shaikhani Talabani begins consultations on the National Conference .. Barzani and confirms that he would not attend if held in Baghdad close to the Iraqi president told «Middle East»: think of a preliminary meeting of the leaders of the first row with opened Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, a series of his meetings with political upon his arrival to Baghdad yesterday from the city of Sulaimaniya, with U.S. --

Ambassador James Jeffrey in a clear message to the importance attached by the U.S. administration for the efforts made ​​by Talabani for the National Conference, which includes all the leaders and the leaders of blocs and political parties in Iraq, announced the presidency of the Kurdistan region that the regional president Massoud Barzani would not attend the conference in the event held in Baghdad.

The head of the Office of the Presidency Region Fouad Hussein, Iraq Kurdistan «must hold National Conference in places where everyone can participate, and if you can not be everyone's participation in this conference in Baghdad, Kurdistan is ready for hosting».

In response to a question about the participation of President Barzani if it did not take place in Kurdistan, Hussein said «if held in Baghdad, the President will not go there». It seemed Hussein pessimistic results of the upcoming conference citing speculation circulating that the conference will fail to achieve satisfactory results for all parties to the crisis, said in statements to local media «We are ready to support any plans or understandings aimed at resolving the Iraqi crisis, although there is speculation that the failure of the Conference in achieve its objectives, but we do not want to anticipate events and we have to wait what will come to the conference decisions and recommendations ».

In the same context and according to the probabilities of leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance and is close to the President of the Republic MP Ala Talabani told «Middle East», the «President has prepared a program track to meet the preliminary with the top political leaders and leaders of blocs and parties who will meet them first in private, to complement a series of meetings conducted in Sulaymaniyah with a number of these leaders, led by the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, leader of the Islamic Supreme Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi, as well as telephone contact with all of the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim ».

The Ala Talabani, that «the president's idea is to meet the leaders of the first line in a mini-summit preceding the National Conference was held in order to discuss the foundations of the differences and roots through what might be called Ptsfir crisis», pointing out that «This idea has yet to reach their ends, but the table in the framework of its comprehensive program to prepare for the National Conference».

On the controversy over the venue of the conference, especially after the remarks the leader of the «Iraq» Iyad Allawi on the conference in Sulaimaniya, said Ala Talabani, «regardless of any statement here or there, it was agreed by all parties to the convention was held in Baghdad and the president arrived in Baghdad already started consultations of them ». For his part, called for leadership of the coalition of state law and a member of Parliament Sadiq gum told «Middle East» that «is issued by the leader of the (Iraqi), Dr. Iyad Allawi's statements concerning the venue of the conference falls under skepticism and obstruction which is is not in the public interest, particularly that all attention is now moving to this conference and demanding leaders and politicians that do nothing ».

The gum that «on Dr. Allawi to leave such matters to the specialists and the Preparatory Commission, which will start its work in order to discuss the conference program and therefore, any escalation by any party gives the wrong message that there's intentions prior to the overthrow of the conference, which has not hope». He added that «Baghdad is eligible to receive and embrace all political leaders, which was agreed in full is no need to re-raise issues that do not serve any of the parties». and about what was issued by the Head Office of the Presidency of Kurdistan region of a statement on non-attendance Barzani Conference if convened in Baghdad , said chewing gum that «the issue of venue of the conference in Baghdad has become settled by agreement of all the leaders and the heads of the blocks with no room to change the venue agreement also everyone».

He added that he «had already held meetings in Erbil has respected the agreements and respected Erbil as a place to hold such agreements», pointing out that «in the event that a political leader or head of a bloc of come to Baghdad for this reason or that he could delegate to attend the conference, nor problem with that at all ».

The leader of the Iraqi List and a member of parliament Hamza Alkrtani has said in a statement similar to the «Middle East» that «what was expressed by the leader of the (Iraqi) Iyad Allawi on the conference is in the context of the concerns that everyone knows but in the end with national consensus, and therefore does not matter the venue of the conference as far as concerns us work to resolve the political crisis suffocating from the roots and to be honest intentions in the end ». He explained that «the most important is the implementation of partnership agreements, national, and most notably the agreements Erbil in order to get out of the bottleneck, because we all need to be the level of what people want of us, especially because they are tired of promises and the continuing crises». it denied a leading figure in the state of law and the Vice-President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie reports that his intention to resign from office.

A statement issued by the Office Khuzaie and seen «Middle East», a copy of that «the reports by some media about the intention of the Vice President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie to resign untrue», said «it is still trying to resolve the outstanding problems between the political blocs», considering «the news media methods of a disinterested and patient», as he put it. The statement added that Khuzaie «able to combine Najafi al-Maliki and the dialogue table as a first step towards the National Congress called for Talabani».

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