Deputy for the National: the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII to allow U.S. forces to return home
Ali Abdullah - 10/01/2012

The Deputy for the State of Law coalition believed that the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII of the UN Security Council allow the United States of meddling in Iraqi affairs.

The MP said Jawad Albzona told [where] that "the survival of Iraq in the seventh item on the UN Security Council allow the United States and its meddling in Iraq and could be traced back any time she wants does not even could dismiss the current government and form a government crisis or conduct of the business or the like in in the event of disagreement between the political blocs in the country. "

He added that "this will cause a major crisis in the country to Athmd consequences of decisions, so we call on all political parties to shoulder their responsibility to the Iraqi people to move towards full national sovereignty, especially the big step of withdrawing the U.S., which will culminate in the departure from Iraq under Chapter VII of the UN Security Council ".

The U.S. forces withdrew from Iraq last month under a security agreement between Iraq and the United States in 2008.
Iraq has been under since 1990 to the seventh item in the Charter of the United Nations under the decision of the Security Council of the United Nations over the invasion of the former regime of Kuwait in that year and continues to Iraq under the Tailth because of the survival of some outstanding issues between the two countries such as the remains of prisoners and missing Kuwaitis in Iraq, the Kuwaiti archives and compensation of oil and burning oil wells in addition to the freezing of Iraqi assets in the financial world banks to pay compensation to those affected by the invasion.