Najaf Council voted to make the smart card is an alternative to the ration in the distribution of petroleum products
On: Tue 01/10/2012 18:00

Najaf (news) .. said the Vice President of the Council of the province of Najaf Khudair Jubouri The provincial council discussed the book department of petroleum products on contract with a company specialized smart card a special card for the preparation of petroleum products provided to citizens from the government instead of the ration card.
He Jubouri reporter (Agency news) on Tuesday: The Council voted to approve the membership of the origin of the idea, the preparation of the smart card for each family for the distribution of all petroleum products, and invite the specialized companies to compete and the ways fundamentalism.
The Jubouri: The vote came after the agreement that the competition is open to all companies wishing to appropriate smart card, stating: There are no contract with any company only after reviewing the proposals of other companies.