President Talabani, to Baghdad to resolve the political crisis node
Date: Monday, 01/09/2012 10:06

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Expected to return to Baghdad today by President Jalal Talabani to expand and intensify contacts that persisted for over the last few weeks with the parties of different political effort to dismantle and resolve the ongoing political crisis that cast a dark shadow on the various aspects of life in the country and increase the level of political tension, nationalist and sectarian.

According to informed sources that the efforts made by President Talabani almost yielded an agreement to hold initial meetings to pave the way to solve the problems sub-

The National Conference proposed by the President to develop a concrete program of action to resolve the political problem as a whole, but there are still some conflicting attitudes that President Talabani will continue in his quest for the federal capital Hlhaltha.

According to these sources, the presidential efforts are hindered in the presence of more than one point of view on how to resolve the crisis.

Summarizes the sources of views and positions as follows:

- Conduct preliminary consultations with various leaders.

- The formation of a preparatory committee is where all the parties shall study the worksheets that will be submitted to the preparatory meetings and then to the National Congress.

- Build over Irbil in the Convention (2010) and developed to address the existing problems.

- An internal system of the Council of Ministers.

- Adoption of the reform document approved by the House of Representatives did not do, and updating of offers effective solutions.

- To rely on the articles of the Constitution guarantees the collective action of the Council of Ministers, which confirms that all the powers of the executive authority is the Council of Ministers and the President of the Executive Board is responsible for these decisions and not vice versa.

- The commander in chief linked to the post of Prime Minister, therefore, the decisions of the Commander in Chief under the authority of the Council of Ministers and not in isolation.

- Review of all decisions taken in the last period, especially in relation with the independent and government centers which are managed in the agency (agents and ministries, team leaders and military security agencies, heads of institutions and directors by public), as the appointments to these positions shall be subject to the approval and adoption of the House of Representatives, the required to submit their candidates to the parliament, and not to fill these jobs permanently, but be temporary for a period not exceeding two months unless approved by the House of Representatives on the appointments.

Despite the differences in views of the director the right of the current crisis, the general trend, according to informed sources, stresses the need to perform the steps required to put an end to the phenomena of domination and exclusivity in decision-making supreme in the state and absence, marginalization, and avoid the provisions of the Constitution.

It also calls on the general trend should be expected to address the security aspects of treatments and how to manage security policy, as well as in the case of national reconciliation and other key issues in the country.

Sources and notes that on the other side seems to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki singers to seek a quick solution will not end the crisis altogether. This reflects raised in a meeting last week between Maliki and President of the House leader of the coalition in Iraq Osama Najafi, where the Prime Minister proposed a summit six of the their side of President Talabani and Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, President of Iraq, Iyad Allawi and President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

It seems that this proposal was not acceptable to other parties that wish to hold meetings or preliminary meetings to discuss all issues in which Nodal to ensure the success of the proposed national conference, which is not exempt from attending any of the political parties on the problem list.

Informed sources also reported that the last stand of Allawi is the province of this conference, if held in Baghdad, adding that President Barzani of the tip adheres to the position which holds that the current circumstances is not appropriate for a forthcoming conference in Baghdad for fear of lack of success