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    ~ FREEWAY BILL - Oct 1...

    Something rotten in Denmark? Baghdad? ~ FREEWAY BILL
    Studying the situation in this Dinar thing.

    There are many things that points to the fact that we are so close to our blessing and we are being jerked around by somebody.

    Iraq is spending money like they have it....

    Why? Because they know they will within the next few days.

    40 billion dollars being allocated for work in Iraq.
    At the current rate, that would be the equivalent of around 47,000,000 if the RV had already happened @ 8.47.

    This would make sense.

    So, this shows you that Iraq is operating like the RV has already been implemented.

    Folks, this tells me great news!

    Plans are being made and commitments are being made as if they have already done it, which means they are ready and planning on this being done not just imminently but now!

    Do the math and tell me if I am wrong.

    The Gazette shows the Erbil is done done done....

    What have we been saying for the past 4 days?

    So, get ready for your blessing, it is coming and soon!

    Swift codes changed and sent out already.

    Banks are being schooled on how to handle this.

    I believe that US are not holding this up but have asked for a few more days to get ready.

    Well, now we should be ready..

    Look carefully for tomorrow night if not before.



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    So, where is the Gazette information and reliable proof it is in print? I figure that once this is actually published then the RV will push thru. Or am I incorrect.?!

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