We are trying a new format for posting Articles in the Iraq News Thread...

There should be some interesting benefits to posting this way.

Instead of creating a thread with the Current Date as the title and posting all the articles for that date as a "Quick Reply" or "Reply to Thread" -

We are going to still have the post with the Current Date, Auctions and flashbacks posted but it will be locked and "Sticky (ied)" to the top... (no following articles posted in the same thread)

All Articles should be posted in the Iraq News Thread as separate Threads. They will be listed in chronological order... much easier for users to browse. Also - it should prove to be more "participatory" since it will be much easier for myself (and others) to make comments about particular articles and have those comments stay with that particular post.

Just go to the Iraq News Thread, click the "Post New Thread" in the upper left hand corner...

When the interface opens - post the body of the article as per usual and then (the biggest change) add the thread title.

Regarding titles - try to use the title of the article as the title of the Thread - modify slightly if needed - if you add a date to the end of the Thread title it may be easier for people to scroll and identify articles they want to read (or have already read).

As an Example...

For the following article:

Use as the Thread Title: Kurds fight the ISIS group while being bombed by Turkey 7/25 (note date added)...

Kurds fight the ISIS group while being bombed by Turkey

By Associated Press 8 hours ago

In this Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015, file photo, Syrian Kurdish militia members of YPG make a V-sign next to poster of Abdullah Ocalan, jailed Kurdish rebel leader, and a Turkish army tank in the background in Esme village in Aleppo province, Syria.

BAGHDAD, Iraq Turkish jets struck camps belonging to Kurdish militants in northern Iraq Friday and Saturday in what were the first strikes since a peace deal was announced in 2013.

The strikes in Iraq targeted the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, whose affiliates have been effective in battling the Islamic State group.

The Kurds of Syria and Iraq have become a major part of the war against the Islamic State group, with Kurdish populations in both countries threatened by the militants' advance. Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish Kurds took part in cross-border operations to help rescue tens of thousands of displaced people from the minority Yazidi group from Iraq's Shingal Mountain in August last year and they continue to fight in cooperation with one another against the Islamic State group in areas along the Iraq-Syria border...
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If the full title won't fit - edit as needed (try to keep the character of the article) and add the date.

Thanks so much.