WTO membership
07/01/2012 11:03

Baghdad, January 7 (Rn) - The legal adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Saturday that the Iraqi government has yet to decide once and for membership in the World Trade Organization, saying the continuation of Iraq as an observer in the Organization. According to Fadhil Mohammed Jawad told Kurdistan News (Rn) that "the Iraqi government has not yet taken a final decision on access to the membership of the WTO," noting that "access to membership of the organization benefit the exporters of goods on the exemption of tax and facilitation of customs and other trade measures." The horse that "Iraq will continue to exercise his duties as an observer in the WTO but the final decision regarding its permanent membership in the organization has not been taken after the final," noting that "Iraq's access to such membership is in need of legislation and the laws of Iraq must approving them, consistent with the nature regulations set by the WTO. " The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Iraq have shown earlier fears of the rush to get Iraq's permanent membership of the WTO and said that "this would create confusion in the economy in the absence of legislation and economic controls eligible for the move . " Iraq seeks to acquire permanent membership of the WTO instead of being a member of an observer as it is now. The team was the Iraqi specialist to work on accession to the WTO was established on 13 December / December 2004, and presented a memorandum to obtain membership of the Organization September 16 / September 2005, before the adoption of Iraq's observer at the January 24, 2007, and began the meetings of the first round of the Working Group of Iraq in 2007, followed by a second round of meetings in 2008, then the third round of the end of 2009. and founded the World Trade Organization in 1995 and includes 147 countries world as permanent members. The organization aims to create a world economic preserves the rights of the consumer and the product through the system, international laws by hiring full resources of the State and prevent the sale of goods, impulse is global. From: Jafar Allonan, the Open: Aso Haji