Maliki: defuse the crisis had been taken away in Kurdish Iraq, and Turkey's actions will be subject Krdha

5.1.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Alsumaria News / Baghdad, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, to defuse the Kurdish crisis was extracted in the new Iraq, and what was considered that the resolution of any problems, tensions come through a political solution and fair people As is the case in Iraq, pointing out that the Turkish actions against the Kurdish movement will be subject not finish it. said Nuri al-Maliki in an interview with TV Sumerian, "The revolutionary movement of the Iraqi Kurdish fighting since the thirties of last century, all governments that have passed on Iraq did not fight the Arab people , "noting that" those governments whenever she wanted to end the movement could not. " Maliki said that "the new Iraq, which has become the President of the Republic and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense and the House of Representatives, becoming the Kurdistan Freedom, the defuse the crisis may peel off," he said. " areas where tension and a Kurdish movement such as Turkey, these procedures Kqcef aircraft and fighting complexity of the subject will not finish him. " The prime minister pointed out that "resolving the issue come through a political solution and fair people, as is the case in Iraq," stressing that "the solution that comes across contexts dialogue is the last, as it does not last that comes through strength. " began Turkish warplanes, since the 17 of July, to launch attacks on the sites and villages on its borders with Iraq and Iran-Iraq border on the pretext of striking bases of the PKK, while the sign bombing eight dead civilian casualties and led to considerable losses in farms and property of citizens, while forcing many families to flee their villages and live in temporary camps. The Turkish warplanes bombed in the 28 of December last, the village Robwski within the district Aolodrh of the province of Chernach border with the Kurdistan region, killing 35 people of the villagers who work in the smuggling of fuel. has seen a number of areas in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, popular protests condemning the incident, in Erbil, the capital of the region, came out a demonstration of more than 1500 people gathered near the park Chander, the center of the city, to express their condemnation of the process, but it turned into violence and clashes between police and demonstrators after the damaged many parts of the park and uprooted road signs on the streets, prompting local police to fire into the air to disperse them, and managed those forces to evacuate the place of the demonstrators and organized hundreds of people of the city of Sulaymaniyah, a popular demonstration as well. has called for 18 organizations of civil society organizations in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, to confront what it called acts of "genocide against the Kurds in Turkey." He also called for 42 parliamentarians in the Kurdistan region, in memo referred to the three presidencies of the region to move quickly to put an end to the shedding of more blood of the Kurdish people in Turkey, also appealed to the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to deter the Turkish system of Alaagal more than that with the blood of civilians and make them as fuel for its war with the elements opposed to them. also condemned the scholars of the Muslims of Kurdistan the incident, calling on the international community to shoulder its responsibility to stop the injustice against the oppressed people in Turkey is the Kurdish people. and see the border areas with Turkey and Iran since 2007, artillery attacks and air raids to military aircraft of Turkey under the pretext of striking elements of the PKK available in these areas for more than 25 years. and calls for the PKK to grant the Kurdish areas in Turkey's autonomy, which the successive Turkish governments rejected strongly, but the government of the ruling Justice and Development headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan began to take positions different from its predecessors toward recognizing the rights of the Kurds in Turkey and to give them more freedom, especially at the cultural and social development. As a result of armed conflict between the PKK and the Turkish army since 1984, killed more than forty thousand people, at least two sides.

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