Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations 23 April،
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Thread: Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations 23 April،

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    Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations 23 April،

    Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations
    23 April، 2015

    New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari called on Thursday for exerting efforts to confront the phenomenon of the youths’ joining the terrorist organizations, saying that the flagrant intervention of some countries in the affairs of others is the most noticeable reason behind this phenomenon under many pretexts.
    “At this time when we meet here, hundreds of young men and women leave their families and go through open borders where they find many facilities through special intelligence apparatus to join terrorist organizations,” al-Jaafari said at an open session at Security Council on the international peace and security- the role of Youth in combating violent extremism.
    “Our responsibility is to exert every possible effort to tackle the reasons behind the youths’ accession to the terrorist organizations and confront this phenomenon which is not new, yet, the new thing is the terrorist organizations, like ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, attraction to the youths through different misleading means,” al-Jaafari said.
    He added that reports affirm that the majority of the foreign terrorist fighters which join the terrorist organizations are aged between 15 and 35 years old, clarifying that the modern media technologies let us feel the suffering of families which lost their sons who have decided, at a minute of rashness, to join what was depicted to them as “a sacred duty.”
    “Syria delegation stresses that the flagrant intervention of a number of countries in the internal affairs of the others under different pretext and titles, mainly democracy, freedom and protecting civilians is the reason behind extremism and hatred,” al-Jaafari said.
    He added that there are millions of young men and women who are able to change the internet and social media from a tool to recruit terrorists into an active means to confront terrorism, extremism and spread values of amity and tolerance.

    Mazen Eyon

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    Re: Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations 23 Ap

    EU Frustration Mounts as Greeks Try to Bypass Aid Process
    by Ian Wishart and Rainer Buergin
    3:37 AM EDT April 24, 2015

    Euro-area finance ministers voiced their frustration with Greece after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras tried to bypass their veto on financial aid with an appeal to Angela Merkel.
    With Greece running out of money and stalling over commitments to reform, euro-zone finance chiefs meeting in Riga, Latvia, Friday said the country’s authorities still haven’t shown sufficient progress on plans to revamp the economy to justify a loan payout.
    “I demand very urgently that we get results on the table,” Austrian Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling said before sitting down for talks. “If you follow the media of the past days you hear time and again that ‘Tsipras says’ and ‘Tsipras thinks’, so apparently this has been moved to leaders’ level.”
    Tsipras sought to circumvent the finance ministers’ authority less than 24 hours earlier, pleading his case with German Chancellor and French President Francois Hollande on the sidelines of a summit on immigration in Brussels. Under euro-area procedures, it’s the finance ministers who have to sign off on any aid disbursement and Merkel said last month she’s not prepared to override those controls.
    Euro Exit
    Greece’s anti-austerity government, elected in January on a promise to renegotiate the terms of a 240 billion-euro ($261 billion) bailout, has to present detailed proposals to European creditors for disbursement of the next bailout loan portion or risk running out of cash.
    Even a default by Greece probably wouldn’t mean the country has to leave the euro area, economists say. The chances of Greece missing some of its debt payments in the coming weeks are 40 percent, while the probability of an exit from the bloc stands at 30 percent, according to median estimates in a Bloomberg survey of 29 economists. Almost four in five respondents said a default won’t trigger an exit.
    In February euro-area finance ministers gave the government until the end of June to complete the deal, and said they expected a list of reforms by the end of April.
    “We talk, talk and the substance is missing; we are waiting for real proposals and real figures, and time is running,” Slovak Finance Minister Peter Kazimir said. “I have almost no expectation for today.”
    Stocks Climb
    Concern the country would imminently run out of cash has subsided after Tspiras raided local government’s coffers to help cover the central administration’s obligations on Tuesday.
    The benchmark ASE Index was up 4.4 percent at 12:30 p.m. in Athens on Friday, climbing for a third day.
    It would be unwise to rule out the possibility of positive developments from the negotiations in the weeks to come, said Bloomberg Economics analyst Maxime Sbaihi.
    “While some stumbling blocks remain -- notably on collective lay-offs -- the rapid deterioration of the financial situation in Greece should provide a big enough incentive for the authorities to start adopting a more conciliatory approach,” he said. “The negotiators don’t even have that many differences to bridge”
    Tsipras used Thursday’s meeting with Merkel and Hollande to urge an acceleration of talks in order to reach a deal by the end of this month, according to a Greek government official who spoke on condition of anonymity.
    Greece and its creditors have found common ground on the target for the country’s primary budget surplus being set at 1.5 percent of economic output for 2015 and also converge on the 2016 target, the official said, without specifying the 2016 figure. The two sides also have converged on privatizations, the official said without providing details.
    ‘Great Urgency’
    Tsipras’s office has also established a hotline for direct contact with leaders of creditor institutions, according to two people familiar with the matter.
    Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who leads the euro-area group, said he didn’t expect a decision on Friday.
    “I think there’s a great sense of urgency for all of us to get a deal, but work has to be done” before the group of finance ministers can take a decision, he said.
    “I’ve spoken to my colleagues in Athens and they’re determined to get a deal and they know that time is running out,” he said.
    (An earlier version of this story corrected the spelling of the German Chancellor’s name in the first paragraph.)

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    Re: Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations 23 Ap

    Israel Retaliates to Gaza Rocket Attack, No Injuries

    JERUSALEM | APR 24, 2015

    Palestinian militants fired a rocket from Gaza that exploded in Israel whose military later retaliated by shelling a base used by the Islamic militant group Hamas that rules the coastal territory, officials has said.

    The Gaza rocket exploded inside Israel without causing injuries or damage yesterday night as Independence Day celebrations for the country's 67th anniversary were winding down.

    The Israeli military said it was the first rocket fired at Israel from Gaza this year.

    Soon afterward Hamas officials in Gaza said Israeli forces fired two shells at a base its militants use for training. Gaza health official Ashraf al-Kidra said there were no injuries.

    Gaza militants have fired thousands of rockets at Israel over the years. However, rocket fire has mostly stopped since the war last summer between Israel and Hamas militants.

    The military said the last time a rocket was fired from Gaza at Israel was in December.

    Sirens wailed warning of incoming rockets in Sderot and other Israel communities bordering Gaza yesterday evening.

    Residents said they heard sounds of explosions and soldiers searched for rocket fragments into the night.

    FILED ON: APR 24, 2015 09:30 IST

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    Re: Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations 23 Ap

    Nine miltant groups of NE form united front with Chinese blessings
    Rezaul H Laskar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi| Updated: Apr 24, 2015 12:21 IST

    Nine militant groups of the northeast, including the NSCN-Khaplang and the ULFA faction led by Paresh Baruah, have come together to form a new unified front during a meeting held recently in Myanmar, security sources said.

    The move to form the “United National Liberation Front of West South East Asia” comes close on the heels of S S Khaplang, chairman of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang, abrogating a 14-year-old ceasefire agreement with the Centre last month.

    Khaplang, a Hemi Naga from Myanmar, played a key role in organising the meeting of militant groups where the decision to form the new grouping was made, security sources told Hindustan Times.

    Though Khaplang will be the nominal head of the new grouping, a key role will be played by Paresh Baruah, the chief of the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent who has consistently opposed peace talks with the Central government, the sources said.

    Both Khaplang and Baruah are currently based in Myanmar. Baruah moved to Myanmar after authorities in Bangladesh launched a crackdown on his group, the sources said.

    Besides the NSCN-Khaplang and ULFA-Independent, other groups that participated in the meeting held at Taga in Sagaing division of Myanmar earlier this month were the Kangleipak Communist Party, Kanglei Yawol Kunna Lup, People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak, People’s Liberation Army, United National Liberation Front and National Democratic Front of Bodoland (Songbijit faction).

    The new grouping is dominated by militant organisations from Manipur, which refer to the northeastern region as “West South East Asia”.

    The security sources said Chinese intelligence played an active role in encouraging the northeastern groups to come together on a common platform. Chinese intelligence operatives are active in the Sagaing region and weapons are often shipped to the northeastern groups through the China-Myanmar border.

    “The Chinese have promised to provide weapons and logistics to the new grouping as they want to keep things boiling in the northeast in view of their claim on the state of Arunachal Pradesh,” a source said.

    Earlier, the Chinese intelligence had played a role in bringing together several militant groups from the Manipur Valley in an umbrella organisation called CorCom. Most of these groups have now joined the new grouping.

    Several groups from India’s northeastern states have training camps in Sagaing division. After the NSCN-Khaplang signed a truce with Myanmarese authorities in 2012, it has consolidated its position in the neighbouring country.

    The NSCN-Khaplang split in late March after Khaplang abrogated the ceasefire signed with the Central government in 2001 and wound up the ceasefire supervisory board. The group had at the time accused the Central government of not being serious about discussing the issue of “sovereignty” for Nagas.

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    Re: Al-Jaafari calls for preventing youths from joining terrorist organizations 23 Ap

    Inflation rate concern for housing market

    The 9.5% growth in the population over the last one year in Qatar has contributed to some new demand for residential units in certain locations, a study by a prominent real estate house has found. "One of the major concerns in relation to the country's inflation rate is the housing market, where rents have gone up due to an under supply of accommodations across for all income groups," a senior official of DTZ, told a roundtable yesterday.

    The 230-year-old real estate house, which started its Qatar operations more than a decade ago, has also reported concerns about the construction costs inflation, which according to an independent report it quoted could peak at 18% during the 2022 FIFA World Cup building boom between 2016 and 2019. Johnny Archer, DTZ associate director (consulting and research), explained it remains to be seen if the quantum of the population leap during the three-year period could be as big as the one Qatar witnessed in the last two years. The country's population stood at the all-time high of more than 2.34mn at the end of March this year.

    "The indications are that the population growth would be less than the economic growth rate, which is expected to be around 7%," the official pointed out. DTZ has also reported a slow start to the office-leasing market in the first three months of 2015, with many Qatari institutions cutting down their budget. New requirements for the office accommodation are on hold both at the government level and also in the hydrocarbon sector, it said. The agency has noticed that about 170,000sq m space is leased in Doha's West Bay area every year since 2009. It has been found that almost 65% of the total leased space in the area has been acquired by either a government institution or by one of the companies working in the hydrocarbon-related industry.

    While the number of large-scale acquisitions is likely to fall, chances are that there could be an increase in smaller lettings to the private sector as government spending on infrastructure related projects escalates. The agency has found currently spaces of about of 1.68mn sq m are available in the West Bay area, which is almost 42% of all supplies in Doha. A further 300,000sq m office space is likely to come in the area and Lusail by the end of this year. The new developments would increase vacancy levels and ease the upward pressure on rents that was witnessed in 2014.

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