parliament postponed to Saturday & deliberations of Congress resume today
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Thread: parliament postponed to Saturday & deliberations of Congress resume today

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    parliament postponed to Saturday & deliberations of Congress resume today

    Adjournment of parliament and postponed to Saturday, and the deliberations of the Congress to resume

    Secret / Baghdad
    Deputy for the National Alliance for "adjournment of the House of Representatives postponed to Saturday."

    He stressed, "that the deliberations conducted by deputies with each other to make efforts to resume the meeting today."

    The correspondent reported fourth power of the news hours before "The meeting of parliament lifted for half an hour due to lack of quorum and the withdrawal of the Kurdistan Alliance for the continued objection to the comments of the State of Law MP Hussein al-Asadi."

    "Truth is everlasting, but our ideas about truth are changeable. Only a little of the first fruits of wisdom, only a few fragments of the boundless heights and depths of truth, have I been able to gather"

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    Vin Man.... I couldn't agree with you more!! Honestly ....some times it feel as though the Gurus or Intel gatherers just like to see their names in print!! If any of you look back at the remarks these folks make on a weekly basis it really shows just how little they really know. I'm embarrassed to say...I have let their words convince me to own far more of the IQD than I should. At what point does the comments of the Gurus begin to do more damage than good???? There are so many folks that live for the dream that is sold on these Dinar web sites of wealth and riches.....mainly because they don't have anything else. I'm ok with long term investment time frames and I wouldn't even be posting this if there weren't so many Folks that I read weekly and their comments have no intelligence or truth what so ever. I believe the IQD RV has given them some sort of purpose in life that they didn't have before...........its sad I know but I would suggest that they are doing more damage to people than you would think!!! The PTR team have diluted themselves more than most, and their members drink the cool-aide willingly and pay for it.......good money they could be using to buy IQD rather than padding Dan and Tony pockets. As I have suggested before Dan's intel isn't any better Okie's or Terry K's or Rich Queen's.......he will just tell you it is and ask you to pay him for it! The PTR calls have about 15 minutes of information that usually has been mentioned in the Forum all day, and them an hour or more of IQD give a ways and pathetic thank-yous from people that have diluted themselves into thinking it's Dan and Tony that will bring this RV dream to them and save them from the disaster that is their current existence! YIKES....

    What will Dan and Tony be selling when we are all here in March and this RV hasn't taken place? Better yet how many of you will still be paying them to inform you to that "We're in the Week"!!

    Poppy, BEAR, Bull, Terry K, Bluwolf, and all the rest.....just stop posting if you don't have anything to add the the are doing more harm than good!!!!

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