Bank of the Iraqi TPI gives credit cards to citizens internationally recognized

04/01/2012 08:28

Baghdad, January 4 (Rn) - The Trade Bank of Iraq the TPI, Wednesday, that gives to all citizens, credit cards, according to its accession to membership of the company (Visa) and membership of the company (MasterCard) Wars, indicating that the credit cards issued by the Bank recognized globally.

The General Manager of the bank Hamdiya dry Kurdistan News Agency (Rn), "The Trade Bank of Iraq gives credit cards are recognized globally and omitted types of civil and Platinum cards for staff salaries."

She said dry that "the Trade Bank of Iraq is a member of the President of Visa International since 2005, and got the membership of MasterCard International in 2011," pointing out that "Visa and MasterCard cards are in place in all parts of the world."

She explained that "every citizen who wishes to obtain a credit card can review the bank or one of its branches in a number of provinces for details on getting on the cards," pointing out that "the cards are used for shopping and cash withdrawal and purchase online and in various foreign currencies."

And established Trade Bank of Iraq in 2003, according to law No. 20 of the CPA dissolved at the time, and based on its law, he has the Board of Directors follows the administrative prime minister of Iraq, the goal of establishing the bank is to be the interface of Iraq's financial outward with respect to transactions of the Iraqi state with the outside world.