Chocolate Ice Cream Hard Topping (a coconut oil recipe)

(This topping hardens like DQ Dipped Cones when it comes into contact with cold ice cream or frozen bananas and is the secret ingredient in commercial ice cream toppings that causes them to harden on contact. This recipe is a true health treat)


1 part organic unsweetened cocoa powder*
3 parts virgin coconut oil that has been liquified.**
Sweetener of choice, amount is to taste (I prefer Stevia)

A basic recipe for 1-2 servings: 1T. Cocoa Powder to 3T melted coconut oil, Stevia until sweet as you like. Use more cocoa if you prefer but increase sweetener accordingly.


* Directions to liquify coconut oil below


Liquify or melt coconut oil by warming
Add cocoa powder stirring until completely dissolved.
Sweeten to taste with Stevia or sweetener of choice. Stir til syrup is smoothe.

Pour syrup over very cold ice cream. Chocolate coating will harden on contact just like a commercial hard ice cream topping.

*For organic cocoa powder I like to use Chatfields from health store.
Another excellent choice is Dagoba Cacao Powder. I like the blend with cinnamon and chili powder.

**Coconut oil has a semi-solid consistency at temperatures below 76 degrees. If your kitchen stays above 76 degrees, as in Summer, coconut oil takes on the consistency of olive oil. To liquify just raise the temperature of coconut oil above 76 degrees.

Some methods to liquify coconut oil:

1. Microwave 5-10 seconds until consistency similar to olive oil.

2. Place in 1 cup measuring cup set into boiling hot water until consistency is liquid which is just a few seconds time.

*** This recipe can be used on peeled frozen bananas or banana chunks. Bananas can be bagged in ziplocks or wrapped in plastic wrapped and stored in freezer in advance. Frozen bananas are the consistency of hard frozen ice cream and must be consumed immediately.

Chocolate Freezer Candies
The same chocolate syrup recipe can be poured into ice cube trays or candy molds alone for a solid chocolate candy treat, or poured into ice cube tray holes over a variety of frozen berries, seeds, nuts especially raw Macadamias, dark frozen cherries or banana pieces. In 10-20 minutes the candies are ready to eat, completely solid. They can also be dropped into ziplock baggies and kept frozen for treats. These candies are a great way to get your coconut oil, chocolate, and berries, seeds and nuts. I fill an ice cube tray with a variety of fruit, seeds or nuts and pour the syrup over to fill each cube hole. Ready in 10-20 minutes.