Information Office
of the President of the Iraqi Parliament

In the name of God the Merciful

The rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves, and remember God's grace upon you when you were enemies of the motion, between the brothers by His grace Vosubhtm your hearts and you are on the brink of a pit of fire and He saved them as well as God shows you His signs, that ye may be guided..
the great truth of God

Oh sons of the Iraqi people patient injury
peace and mercy of God be upon
these days blessed with return of our people to exercise full sovereignty over its land and its water and sky and his decision to the independent national and political choices, economic, social, praise Allah and blessing of the gaze on the solemn Nama˙h and good guide him and Aziz gifts, has the We have patience and fortitude in the face of challenges until we reached beaches full sovereignty.
If that were the result public reaction cohesion strongly and to preempt him the evils of division and disintegration, the following of days, where the challenges more difficult, and confrontations hardest, invites us all to adhere to the loop of national unity, they compass to tomorrow's expected , tomorrow, Iraq's per common Aziz impregnable.
Associated with this unit democracy through democratic government that people can in which to meet, and express himself in broad daylight, and exercise his freedom in charge without any restriction or suppression or denial, it means we have in addition to all that a contract has historically and culturally, morally and value judgment, rising in which the value of the citizen, and enhanced the value of the home, not a citizen dear generous in the country is weak, no homeland strong invincible master and fellow oppressed and persecuted and excluded and marginalized, in which only bilateral return of our people to exercise its role messianic human, who knew mankind has since the birth of The first civilization on his hands.

Sisters Iraqi creams
, brethren, the Iraqi customers
that the past nine Almaziat all Mavera of affairs and Abuse, and the sacrifices and pain, and difficult challenges and confrontations fierce, and all its Ziaat in wealth and time, and wasted opportunities for construction and reconstruction and progress, and calls us to more meditation, reflection Maamady , and consider what may come.
The evacuation of these reflections and phenomena we would like to install the following: First - is the general freedoms of the most important achievements of the democratic transformations in the new Iraq, as it ensures its constitution more than (10) materials, and most important of those relating to human rights enjoyed by every human being and on the basis of the criteria we find that the human rights situation in Iraq has been subjected to serious violations, through the excessive use of violence against people and property and arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment and lack of judicial procedures and the targeting of innocent citizens in all segments. that human rights will not be achieved under the swirling some of the paths of the political process This will not be the right true and correct, if not in a correct and sound. It became clear that the amount of paper Nations and progress is much focus and respect for human rights and the loss of these rights is a blow for democracy. Second - the judiciary, an arena for justice and the realization of the right, under which the ruler and the ruled both away from the type and size of political decision and politicians, and that the value of justice and freedom are influenced negatively and positively by the autonomy enjoyed by the judiciary, and that any ambiguity in the operator judicial reflected negatively on the overall performance of the state and be the main cause of most of the consequences that result in the collapse of the political process. Third - that the constitution in force, had confirmed that the armed forces may not be an instrument to oppress the people, and does not interfere in political affairs, and no role in the transfer of power. The principle of harnessing the security services and military functions of the suppression of the people not in the service and protection is a manifestation of Tmzarat militarization community, and the army to safeguard and defend the homeland from any foreign aggression, and he must not change the priorities of the military training and upgrading combat to search for political power and party support, and build themselves and Ahaoha to deal with external threats and not to focus efforts on internal threats that are the responsibility of the security services. The state of disequilibrium and heterogeneity in the social system, regionalism on the configuration of the armed forces and security services, should not be pursued according to the curriculum away from the philosophy of the Constitution. IV - characterized the federal budget for 2012, an increase in operating expenses at the expense of investment expenditure and inadequate allocations Finance for the needs of the service sectors that will improve links human development different for the better, and we hope that social services, education, health, and increase allocations for regional development and support of civil society organizations top priority in order to achieve well-being of the largest of the citizen and finding urgent solutions to the roof of a specific time frame is known of the major crises that ravaging our people. V. - no right to any person in Iraq, said the confiscated detailed constitutionally explicit, because the Constitution is the incubator and reference wise for all a and supreme law, and that differed by some with some of the College Assembly of the Iraqi people. and we look forward to everyone's respect for the constitutional text, and the transfer of achievements of the constitutional form text to the field of life and daily work to meet the trends of public opinion in each governorate intending to form regions according to the will of the population whenever they want and where they wish as stated in the Constitution in force. VI - The scientific policy in all its weakness, and weakness, is still the solution is the objective of each bottlenecks, and the National Congress of the year called for a conference by His Excellency the President Mr. Jalal Talabani, will be the pot more sense out of Iraq from the neck of its crises many and proliferating, we hope to achieve the desired success God willing .. Based on these convictions, I invite you, O my people, the great , and I call on my colleagues in the political process are all out of the yard ego, caste, race, class and the region and the party to the approved home wider and wider, Falana narrow and community closed and race fanatic, and the party partisan himself not to his homeland, and the deviant group in Vioatha to Atsna home Seda strong impregnable live sons prosperity, happiness and peace and security. Let us leave these small vessels will and one intention and one of the heads and faces are all splitting Iraq and our ultimate and the highest and the highest of all Anoanatena narrow, and leave behind all our differences, and begin to build the present and the future of one heart and one hand. and tell them your name, O great people that swim in the murky waters of no avail , The Iraqi people who provided convoys of martyrs on the altar of freedom, democracy and peace will not allow anyone to manipulate Bmkedzbath and historical achievements. May peace and God's mercy and blessings