MPs: sincerity of intentions and make the concessions a sure guarantee for the success of the National Conference next

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
A number of MPs should be the success of the National Conference next auspices of President Jalal Talabani, who will hopefully take place in the middle of this month, with Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan, the Iraqi political parties to work to find an urgent solution to the crisis based on the Constitution and the partnership and not to marginalize any of the components.
Barzani said in a statement issued yesterday on the occasion of the new year, "The new year we hope to be a year to achieve further gains and welfare and the rule of law and co-existence between all the components in the Kurdistan region and Iraq," calling "Iraqi political parties to the urgent treatment of the current political crisis, depending the Constitution and true partnership, with no marginalization of any of the components and the preservation of the rights of all. "and confirmed a member of the House of Representatives of the Alliance of Kurdistan forces Burhan Mohammed Faraj said the Kurdistan Alliance with Iraqi solution to the crisis without any outside interference. He told (Iba) The political blocs agreed on the need to hold a national conference called by the President at the earliest time in order to reach solutions to the crises experienced by the country. Stressing the existence of a genuine desire to reach these solutions without the use of any third party. He guessed that the conference will be held this week in conjunction with the resumption of the House of parliament after the expiry of the Christmas holidays and New Year's Day. He called for a coalition of state law, Ibrahim stapes head the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, to direct the implementation of the five points raised by the political process to resolve the current crisis. He said in a statement reported by his press office yesterday that the arguments of al-Hakim, bright and luminous, especially if applied on the ground, calling wise to begin to take over the task of implementing these points and put it on the convulsive political arena to end the current crisis. Hakim was identified in a speech at the fourth annual forum for combating violence against women, five points for the conduct of Iraq toward safety and an end to the problems experienced by the country.
As pointed out that the first point that must work it is that Iraq is for all and not a single component and ensure the rights of any component of the protection of the other component. He said the judiciary must be independent and non-interference in its affairs, and the third point is to calm the political as a lot of people entered a civil war and years but continued to sit at the table ended with the open dialog. Hakim called for calm and this does not mean that absolve or condemn the innocent offender, calling for holding a round table dialogue permanently resolve the many problems of the country. He noted the need to resort to the principle of dialogue from where the previous sessions and said that the obligation covenants of Shim Arabs and religious people. And said a member of the House of Representatives from a coalition of state law Shaker Darraji The National Conference and the success of a great opportunity to pull Iraq back from any tensions not serve his future. He's (IBA) that the national consensus to hold this conference, with different demands of the mass for the other to achieve the results of which, this consensus gives evidence of the desire of the political blocs to resolve outstanding issues and the completion of the problems that hinder Iraq's march at all levels. He said that all Iraqis and the various orientations are confident that the National Conference was held under the critical circumstances in which the country is liable to come out with good results transferred to Iraq and the reality better. He called the independent MP Hassan top of the political blocs to hold its national congress in the capital Baghdad, in deference to its position, due to the fact that the Arab parties to the dispute, not Kurdish. He said in a statement the "Nina": "It is unfortunate that the issue is the venue of the National Conference of the political blocs in the time that should stick to everyone to promote the status of Baghdad as the capital of Iraq, not just a city only, and dissemination of life in the alleys and fields" stuffed ", as it does not city ​​in any country will sing the role of the capital. "He added:" The problem is not Kurdish, but between the parties of the Arab political, hence no need for conflict of Spatial Conference was held between the capital of Iraq and the capital of the province. "and that:" This should be the command over the readings political blocs have forgotten some of them in a moment of rage the status of capital, which speaks only of its history as it seeks to isolate it from any political role effectively in the present tense, he said. and announced the National Alliance, yesterday, agreed to attend the national conference called by President Jalal Talabani to address the outstanding issues, as he emphasized that he agreed with the Iraqi List, to consider the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi of law. The MP said the alliance pro-Obeidi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "National Alliance decided to attend the National Congress of the year, having held its leader, Ibrahim al-Jaafari contacts with President Jalal Talabani, "noting that" the National Alliance, formed a small committee to open up to members of the Iraqi List and other components of understanding on this conference. "He added that" the understanding on the outstanding matters, which is the focus of a difference, is through the dialogue during the conference national, "noting that" the coalition seeks to be an important factor in resolving this issue as the largest bloc, which oversees the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. "predicted MP from the Liberal bloc parliamentary Khaled Djiashi" be a national conference called by President Jalal Talabani "turning point well contribute significantly to the resolution of conflicts and the preservation of the Iraqi government and its existing line and support for national participation in the convergence of views between the political parties." he said in a statement to / Nina / said: "The call for a national conference in successful because it will bring together all the leaders of political blocs , in order reassured the Iraqi street that led him aware of his interest as much as they are responsible to maintain the independence and unity of the country. " As he put
He considered that "the timing of the conference has a role Kperfi resolving the current crisis," calling on everyone to "make concessions to meet the interest of the people." He said, "stuck to each party and factional interests will reflect negatively on the narrow extent of its success."
He called on political leaders to "to be on the Qdralamsúlah and give up their demands, because this time of national unity.
And called for an MP for the Iraqi List Atab periodic political leaders to invest the opportunity of the national conference called by President Jalal Talabani to be the line to initiate a national reconciliation true. She said in a statement to / Nina /: "to make the defeat of the U.S. occupation mightiest country in the world beginning to discard differences and the lesson of the unit national and cohesion among the sons of one people from the north to the south. "She said:" the current phase requires the investment of all the efforts and direction of the building, rebuilding, and providing services to the people of the oppressed people who have suffered a long time. She said, we should also strive for the success of the conference, called by Talabani to prove to everyone how triumph of political will, which defeated the occupation and its ability to Tantsrfa all fields. "and asked everyone to sober one hand in building the new Iraq and to maintain the fledgling democracy captive and make it work as an experiment new Alaracocd Deputy Sheriff Soliman for a coalition of Kurdish blocs that" most political parties prefer to the National Conference called by President Jalal Talabani to break the current political crisis this week, rather than any later. "He's / Nina /:" The Kurdish leadership continued in its contacts with all parties to contain this crisis, because they find the solution is not impossible, because the participants initial agreed upon by the political blocs much larger than the cross points of difference, "explaining that" most of the current opinions agree on the convening of the conference on Tuesday of this week, probably on Wednesday it. "