[BondLady] now letís look at a few points in this article
[BondLady] MP Alexander and berries withdrawal from the Iraqi List
[BondLady] for what he can stimulate the political blocs to take serious positions to end the political crisis
[BondLady] The Alexander and berries, a deputy from for security and defense committee, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "withdrew from the Iraqi List, as a pressure to change the reality and end the political differences
[BondLady] and that Iraq has taken character sectarian and off course and program that we have entered the elections on this basis." He added that "the political process in the country does not accept the continuation of the differences between the blocks President of Parliament over this limit must be put an end to these differences. "

[BondLady] The members of the list led by Iyad Allawi, in the province of Najaf had announced their withdrawal from the list because of what they called marginalization, exclusion and orientation sectarian. and decided the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, County Council of Ministers and the Parliament over the background the escalation of political differences with the coalition of state law. accused the movement of Allawi, the rule of law to attract leaders in the south

[BondLady] He has threatened last week that he will resort to fire a minister is boycotting the meetings of the Cabinet that the decision to boycott violates the Constitution
[BondLady] For his part, denied a coalition of law relationship Palanhqaqat witnessed by Allawi's list this month in the provinces of Najaf and Dhi Qar. A spokesman for the Coalition to Alfalh (Rn), "nothing to do with state law Palanhqaqat that took place in the National Accord Movement, headed by Allawi

[BondLady] al-Maliki's recent Iraqi Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence from a leading political Saleh al-Mutlaq, a deputy prime minister on the grounds that he lacks confidence in the political process.
[BondLady] for the issuance of the note arrest against Tarek al-Hashemi in accordance with Article 4 (terrorism), as offered to the confessions of three members of the protection of al-Hashemi in which they Petklifam by Hashemi to carry out assassinations and detonate explosive devices since 2009.
[BondLady] Hashemi, the charges against him and questioned the confessions offered by the Iraqiya television Monday to members of the of protection said they were "carrying out the killings on his orders,"
[BondLady] Hashemi and al-Mutlaq, leader of the Iraqi bloc
[BondLady] complaining of a they are being marginalized, although it the largest single bloc in the Council. intensified the political struggle between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki
[BondLady] and being politicians, senior Iraqi talks with al-Maliki and other leaders to contain the situation for fear of exacerbating the crisis could push Iraq back into the midst of sectarian turmoil. and made the United States, which ended its military presence in the December 18 the past, concern about the political situation in Iraq, as told U.S. Vice President in a telephone conversation President Minister Nuri al-Maliki and House of Representatives Osama Najafi's "concern" his country of the political situation in Iraq.

[BondLady] so these 2 groups left allawi
[BondLady] said what allawi wanted they didnít sign up for
[BondLady] they want the disagreements to stop
[BondLady] and for iraq to move on an get there country back up and going
[BondLady] so they couldnít see any of that happening if they stayed with allawi
[BondLady] so they walked away
[BondLady] let me grab the next 1
[BondLady] and as i said a couple of weeks ago
[BondLady] when allawi 1st walked out
[BondLady] there would be a lot of separation in his bloc
[BondLady] as not all of them want to lose their jobs an quit or be fired
[BondLady] and if maliki kept his word if they donít show up on the 3rd to work
[BondLady] then they would put a vote against them an fire them all an rename new ministers to fill their vacancy
[BondLady] many may not like maliki
[BondLady] but they respect him and fear him as a leader
[BondLady] and like i said not all side with allawi and would soon see many leave allawi
[BondLady] so we come to the next set sayin ba bye to allawi

[BondLady] The withdrawal of more than 40 members of the Iraqi list and movement of reconciliation in Basra Date: Sunday 01-01-2012 01: 02 pm Basra (News) ...Withdrawn today more than 40 members of the Iraqi list and movement of reconciliation in Basra. Member of Member of Concord in Basra Ghaleb Al-Assadi at a press conference attended by a reporter (News News Agency): 42 members and cadres and administrators in the list and the Iraqi national accord movement had decided to withdraw from the list and the movement which preceded it submit resignations of Iraqi accord work. Asadi said that because of the withdrawal came as the Iraqi people are subjected and the movement of reconciliation in the middle of the Euphrates and South governorates of marginalization and exclusion of their leaders in the capital Baghdad in addition to not given senior positions as Ministers and ministries as well as to oppose Iraqi leaders of the province of Basra and take the decision to withdraw from the Government and Parliament, which saddened. He called Asadi on behalf of the retreating preserve Iraq acquisitions made after 2003 and the establishment of a civic State based on respect for the Constitution and the law.

[BondLady] Al Asadi announced on accession to the sons of Iraq movement withdrawn to change founded in Dhi Qar governorate in the past weeks. And said attorney Alexander and Toth in a statement on the withdrawal and two members of the Board of Babil province of Iraq list due to derail Iraqi deviation. A number of members of the Iraqi list and accord in Najaf Governorate Council announced Saturday withdrawal from the list and a second set of traffic they list members withdrawing from Iraq after the withdrawal of a number of its members in Dhi Qar governorate in December 26./ https://www.microsofttran ēēē %3D28814

[BondLady] he lost over 40 here
[BondLady] so they will go bk to work
[BondLady] and they will have enough people in parliament to do the laws that need to be passed
[BondLady] an if allawi is truly out which i hope he is
[BondLady] we will see all we need to see passed
[BondLady] an iraq will be much happier having progress instead of stagnation
[BondLady] let me grab the next 1

[BondLady] Sunday January 1, 2012 Member of the Iraqi: Many members of the political blocs want to hold dialogue table of the leaders of political blocs Baghdad - and babysit - A member of the Iraqi List, whose staff that many of the members of the political blocs like to hold a table of dialogue in which the leaders of political blocs.

[BondLady] Ajili said in a statement (radio, public opinion): "Everyone aspires to be to find old convincing all tested total political of all the political problems experienced by the Iraqi situation during this period." Noting that the issue of al-Hashemi of important topics that should be asked during the conference National to be held in the coming days. " He Ajili: "This issue should be discussed and can not be overlooked in any way, although there is a demand by Iraq and Hashemi himself not to settle the issue politically and should prove his innocence through the courts." Noting that the issue of al-Hashemi political issue primarily for the first evident through the presentation of confessions in the media and refused to discuss in the next conference. "p / h https://alrayy.com/39189.htm

[BondLady] see said many in allawis group WANT to talk and work things out
[BondLady] and if itís so there is criminals in the bloc
[BondLady] then they need to be rooted out and brought to justice
[BondLady] basically by the last 3 articles these people saying they donít have allawiís agenda
[BondLady] they want things to move on for laws to get passed for iraq to grow and prosper
[BondLady] for the people to be happy seeing justice done and have a better life
[BondLady] let me grab the next 1