Flash123Chat no longer works with my iPhone
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Thread: Flash123Chat no longer works with my iPhone

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    Flash123Chat no longer works with my iPhone

    When the new Flash123Chat app came out it worked great on my iPad and iPhone 5. Two weeks ago my iPhone started giving me a message that my username was not found even though I had selected the "stay logged in" option. The screen was overlapping text and I found no login option. I rebooted without success then deleted and reinstalled the app. At first I got the same response of no username recognized then after rebooting the app just hung at the opening screen and has stayed there ever since (with multiple attempts to reload the app. My iPad in the meantime continued to work as expected. I contacted Mona and she sent me instructions which suggested that I try Puffin. I purchased the $3.99 app and everything is now lovely. Thanks Mona!

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    Re: Flash123Chat no longer works with my iPhone


    You're welcome ... Glad you were able to reconnect using info from the troubleshoot post!!

    If anyone else is having trouble, refer to the post at the top of the chat log thread:


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