Iraq Soverign Bonds

There has been much discussion about the HCL, GOI, CBI, and all the laws necessary for banking, unification, security, stable government, judicial, inclusive representation in government, etc. However I have only seen a couple refer to the issuance of Soverign Bonds (debt). If a lot of dinar is exchanged at a high rate world wide, and Iraq want this back in country to reduce note count, they only have a few options to buy back their currency (currency and bond debt are commodities and tradeable on exchanges). Oil credits, Tradeable Soverign bond debt, exportable commodities, ie gold, minerals, agriculture, etc. So IMO the issuance of tradeable Soverign Bonds (debt backed by in country assets), may be necessary to repatriate Dinar held in other countries. I would look carefully for the issue of such tradeable bonds.

posted 12/11/14 by Livefreeforlife