Maliki: Do not place in Iraq is put forward in the political process and with other terrorist organizations

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the need to invoke the Constitution and law to resolve all differences and problems, stressing at the same time that Iraq "is everyone who believes in the political process and experience of democracy, pluralism, freedom and peaceful transition of power, no place anymore for those who puts forward the political process, the other with terrorist organizations, and the agenda of Foreign Affairs.. Iraq, its people and its security and stability, sovereignty and supreme interests of a red line that can not be bypassed Awaladharar it. " In a move that indicated the approach that will treat the government with a file of armed operations, targeting citizens and state institutions, said al-Maliki said the legal action and notes an arrest will affect all those involved in these processes, whether inside or outside the country through cooperation with Interpol. He declared in his speech during the ceremony held Saturday December 31 at the end of the U.S. military presence in Iraq under the Convention concluded between Baghdad and Washington, announced that the the country is now free, and I called at the same time to maintain this done, and to consider the atheist and the thirtieth of December a national holiday and called "on Iraq," after previously known as "the day to fulfill," in reference to the fulfillment of the American forces its commitment to the Convention to withdraw its troops from Iraq. Maliki said in his speech to the American side's commitment to the Convention on the withdrawal of troops, which introduced a new era in the country with the United States, as he put it, pledging his part, the application of the strategic framework agreement, which will have a positive effect on the two countries, noting at the same time that government's focus will be in addition to the security file, files, construction and services. The Prime Minister emphasized in his speech that the battle is not over with the armed groups, including al Qaeda, and that the victory over these organizations recently by accelerating the completion of the readiness of security forces in order to be able to meet the all challenges.