September 29, 2011


Iraq calls on the Government to declare its position on U.S. troops

Radio Sawa called the existing Iraqi government to declare its position on the issue of explicit U.S. troops stay after 2011 and not leave it stuck between the politicians and senior government leaders.

The adviser said the Iraqi Hani Ashour in a press release today that the leaks information about the existence of secret negotiations to extend the stay of U.S. forces under any title or refused to do so made ​​the Iraqis in a quandary on the issue is linked to the fate of their country's future and sovereignty, he said.

Ashour went to the prime minister the leader of the armed forces to announce a position representing Iraq to the people on a U.S. withdrawal as the consequent attitudes and other national be an echo of the attitude of rejection or acceptance to the survival of some of those forces and under any title or name, as described.

The Ashour that the U.S. media talks about the negotiations taking place in this regard, however, that the Iraqis had not seen the really is, and that such an important position must be representative of people's desire and aspirations of not the point of view of power or political issues, especially as many would have to withdraw or stay, he said.