Al-Maliki said: that in the month of January of the year two thousand and seven, killed those bombers criminals, car bombs and explosive belts More four thousand Iraqis in Baghdad alone, except for the rest of the provinces, and the large number of victims in one month is approaching loss of the U.S. Army and other armies in Iraq for more than eight and a half years, and this reveals the invalidity of claims of those who were deliberately killed Iraqis under the guise of targeting foreign troops, and here they continue their criminal activities even after the withdrawal of the last foreign soldier, when they shed the blood of innocent civilians in cold blood in the capital Baghdad on Thursday, the twenty-second of the month of December, and asserting, without the slightest doubt that they advocate the killing and destruction of the evil inherent in them.

He continued with the completion of the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Iraqi territory, as stated in the security agreement was signed with the United States in two thousand and eight, I reiterate that the withdrawal is the result of a negotiation strategy adopted by the government of national unity in dealing with the presence of foreign troops

It is also a test of confidence given by the people for the government, which has proven its commitment and credibility in maintaining the sovereignty and interests of the people, a success for all Iraqis, not to party or national Aota˙fah .. and that all partners in this success.

He also renewed his commitment, hard, that the same power that we were keen to implement the Security Agreement and according to agreed timetables, we we are serious about the implementation of the Strategic Framework Agreement which was signed with the United States in the year two thousand and eight because they represent the interests of Iraq in the activation of the intervention of bilateral relations in the new phase to be equal and balanced between two sovereign, entitled friendship and cooperation in political, economic, commercial, military, scientific, and to serve the common interests and non-interference in internal affairs.

He confirmed his intention to step up the pace to strengthen our armed forces in the areas of armament and preparation and training to be ready to face the security challenges that still face Iraq in spite of the great successes we have achieved over the past years, Al-Qaida terrorist and armed groups allied with the ousted Baathist regime's dictatorial past, still harbor evil for Iraq and his experience of democracy and the political process, and with that the battle has not yet been resolved with the forces of darkness and tyranny, but we are confident that victory will be ours God's help and actively honorable sons of our armed forces, and the final victory decisive on the doors so as not to stay in Iraq terrorist sectarian prey opportunities for the overthrow of the innocent.
With regard to national reconciliation, he stressed that the national reconciliation project, which we considered the lifeboat all Iraqis, is a strategic choice continuously contributed in supporting the political process and consolidate security and stability and helped greatly in promoting national cohesion and community, and we are involved in the complete success of this noble project in order to achieve full national goals after succeeded in uniting the people and should also unite political leaders in response to the desire of the people that He came out.

And on foreign policy: he pointed out: We are keen to build an equal and balanced with all countries of the world based on common interests and non-interference in the internal affairs of other States, and we will continue the commitment to the principle of good neighborliness and dialogue in our foreign policy to resolve disputes with all countries through diplomatic channels, and we in the new Iraq adopt the policy of positive neutrality in conflicts and regional and international crises, and will not be a party to any alignments or regional hubs competing and our doors are wide open to an understanding with the likes of understanding and cooperation, Iraq has suffered over the Ba'ath-era dark of this policy, which took the country into wars and adventures, and he lost sovereignty and international resolutions that imposed an economic blockade and the Iraqi people which is the first loser, which now looks to support the international community to remove the effects of all international resolutions, particularly out of Iraq of the provisions of Chapter VII in full and final.

He said al-Maliki: Iraq, which uses the Constitution in all its activities, policies and relations will be contributing to responsible and active role in defusing tensions and crises in the region from his conviction that security in the region is a responsibility shared between all of its and security in the integrated system can not be integral, which call on us to demand more cooperation and coordination in order to maintain security and stability in this sensitive region of the world, and that Iraq, which realizes the seriousness of the developments and rapid changes in the region, will be from a position of concern for the future of their people, a responsible partner in the reconfiguration of the Arab house on the basis of sound and to serve the aspirations and hopes of the peoples of the region to achieve freedom and democracy, pluralism and promote opportunities for development and prosperity.

He also announced: Iraq's desire, which retains good relations at the international and regional levels to be a bridge of communication between the rival regions and international and we are confident that Iraq has become qualified to perform such a role for the convergence of views, and we are optimistic in our ability to succeed in these endeavors that we believe primarily serve the higher interests of Iraqi people, with emphasis on categorical rejection because the turn Iraq into an arena of conflict between the parties on the regional and international arenas, time to be a platform to hurt the interests of any country in the region and the world.

He concluded, Maliki said: salute the Iraqi families sacrificing and the martyrs of Iraq and the wounded from the employees of the state and the innocent civilians and children of military and police forces and security services, who have been credited to this great achievement, and applaud the religious authority, headed by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani long shadow and scientists religion from different religions and sects, and political forces, national, and tribal recorded honorable positions in support of security and national unity and reconciliation, and salute civil society organizations, intellectuals, writers, artists, journalists and athletes at all positions noble and Agafoha in every arena from the yards of honor. / Finished / Q . p /