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    Chat ID for 123 chat...

    For some reason I get booted from chat on my tablet. When I want to log back in, it asks me for the chat ID. I knew it at one time but cannot remember or find it in the forum now. Can we find it somewhere with easy access in the forum (maybe even in the thread name)

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    Re: Chat ID for 123 chat...

    please send a email to a admin at DU

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    Re: Chat ID for 123 chat...

    Hello can not get into chat since the change can you help

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    Re: Chat ID for 123 chat...

    Done, thanks loveit2

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    Re: Chat ID for 123 chat...

    You can find this info at the top of the chat log as well:

    To access Dinar Updates Chat...

    Login to Dinar Updates* and make sure the "Welcome, [your user name]" message is displayed at top. Also, none of the Forum threads should say private in the right hand columns.

    click on the word Chat in the black bar at top of page just under our banner.

    Wait for the login screen to load below, and
    enter the SAME user name and password that you used to login to Dinar Updates.

    *On my phone,
    using Puffin browser, the keyboard is a tiny icon at the bottom right side of the screen. Click to pull it up and enter your login info. Be SURE to use the same exact login as you use for Dinar Updates.

    Click to enter the chat room. On my phone I get a green screen at first and I have to scroll up to find the room access.

    IMPORTANT: To be able to access via MOBILE you must use one of the apps below:

    In your app store (Apple or android), search for “123FlashChat”. You might get two results from that search.
    Download “123FlashChat” NOT “123 Flash Chat Free”.

    You might also be able to download the app from iTunes:

    Upon successfully opening the app, you will be prompted with “Please input your chat ID”.

    chat ID is 3371.

    Then click “Start Chat”. You will be prompted to
    enter your DU username and password.

    This app is very limited and does not facilitate text color/size/settings, etc.

    To access more features via Apple or Android mobile that are not available via the 123flashchat app, check the link below for puffin app reviews. It seems that those who have downloaded are happy with the results.

    I hope this helps. If you still have trouble, PM me (top of page in notifications).

    Mona Lisa

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    Re: Chat ID for 123 chat...

    Sadly, many Android phones are "incompatible" with 123FlashChat, including mine. I just bought the phone and it uses the latest Android platform (KitKat), but it is incompatible. Guess I'm stuck with only going on chat when I have access to a PC, or until the day when I can afford my own iPhone (which will be after the RV). Sigh!

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    Re: Chat ID for 123 chat...

    what is the CHAT ID for the new chatroom, please. TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

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