Maliki confirms that Iraq has recovered politically and economically in a short period

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Saturday, 31 k 1 2011 12:47 GMT


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

Alsumaria News / Baghdad,
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday, that Iraq is recovered politically, economically and security within a short period, while calling on Iraqis to take responsibility legitimacy to promote national unity and the rejection of the differences and to accelerate the building of state institutions. said Nuri al-Maliki during a ceremony today , on the occasion of the end of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and attended the "Sumerian News", "atheist and the thirtieth of December, which marks the end of the process of withdrawal of U.S. troops from all of Iraq's national day as a day of Iraq," stressing that "Iraq is recovered politically, economically and security during the period short time and in the presence of foreign troops on its territory. " Maliki said that "Iraq is recovered in spite of all efforts and plans, which still works because Iraq remains isolated and prone to wounds and problems," adding that "Iraq is preparing the efforts of his sons to lead a project Nhioya in political, economic, service and social achievement of the aspirations of the Iraqi people. " and called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Iraqis to "take responsibility legal, historical and national to promote national unity and the rejection of the differences side and accelerate the building of state institutions on a sound footing and resorting to the Constitution and the law put the past, access to safety" He pointed out that "Today is a Holiday for all Iraqis and the dawn of a new day reared on Mesopotamia and helped everyone to accomplish the day rises within eye where the banner of Iraq, free, stable and independent." Maliki said, "your day is free and you are the masters deserve and not to the children of Iraq, but to maintain sovereignty, unity, independence, and will prove to the world that they are as much the responsibility of carrying the Secretariat ", pointing out that" Iraq was able to get out of the several stages of a difficult first dark period of the regime's dictatorial past and the second sectarian civil war and the third withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq and the fourth as we move very strongly and we have succeeded when a reconstruction and development and services. " He made ​​it clear that the Iraqi government "made great strides in the light of the terrorist attack fierce suffered by Iraq in the oil investment and high rates of production, export and we signed the four rounds of licenses with major international companies," adding that "the government contracted with the investment the national gas company, which for decades exposed to the burning of waste and the deliberate and unjust. " The Prime Minister emphasized that "the government is working in the pace accelerated to activate the draft National Housing and the allocation of funds to build housing complexes for the poor and compounds other low-cost to low income," adding, "I reached advanced stages in completing the construction of power plants to address the shortage of electric power to the contract with major companies in a number of advanced industrial countries to build railways, highways and port of Faw, airports, dams and re-structure factories, which were distributed between the public and private sectors. " Maliki said to "we will make real efforts to develop the status of agriculture, which has seen Tdanie rapidly in the recent period as well as the great interest in the field of reconstruction and development of the economy and provide the best services and the provision of suitable employment and adequate housing for citizens," noting that "the government is serious in working to strengthen the role of women in society and institutions State and respect for human rights and the maintenance of public freedoms and respect for political pluralism, intellectual, religious, and ensure freedom of opinion and expression for all Iraqis. "

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