Hundreds of people of Ramadi are demonstrating against the arrest (15) an officer of the province
On: Friday 30/12/2011 15:05

Anbar (news) .. Hundreds of residents of Ramadi against the backdrop of the arrest (15) an officer of the province, to demand their release and stop the arrests of the sons of Anbar.

A reporter (agency news) said hundreds of people of the city of Khalidiya east of Ramadi have a demonstration of the Mosque of Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz, toward the center of the city against the backdrop of the arrest of 15 officers in the army now, pointing out that the protesters demanded to stop arbitrary arrests against the sons of Anbar province.

The correspondent added: that the security forces have arrested (15) an officer in the army of the sons of Anbar province, at the rank of first lieutenant to colonel corner under the Divisions the first and seventh in the Iraqi army were summoned by the intelligence and defense to a conference in Baghdad on yesterday, and when they arrive at Baghdad has been detained without knowing the reasons.

The demonstrators demanded the release of the officers and stop arbitrary arrests. / End / 17. J. N /