A serious step for the advancement of economic reality
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Thread: A serious step for the advancement of economic reality

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    A serious step for the advancement of economic reality

    President of the Liberal bloc in Basra Investment Commission to discuss with new realities conservative investment
    On: Wed, 29/12/2011 23:58

    Basra (news) .. search the head of the Liberals in the province of Basra Mazen

    Mezni Basra Investment Commission with new realities and ways of establishing investment projects and attract companies to keep sober, praising the efforts of the Commission to grant investment licenses to projects in the last seven.
    This came during his visit to the headquarters of Basra Investment Commission and the meeting with the President of BIC behind Badran and members of the Board of Directors of the Authority and its consultants.

    A statement of the Commission has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Thursday that Mezni Park Basra Investment Commission efforts that culminated in the granting of seven licenses of new investment projects in various sectors stressing that the approval of the Directors of the Authority for such projects and grant investment licenses is a serious step of for the advancement of economic reality, especially when it includes housing projects, commercial, industrial and recreational.

    Mezni said: We hope to contribute to this project in the recruitment of the largest possible number of the sons of Basra, especially since there are large numbers of graduates and the unemployed waiting Tozivém in the public and private sectors.

    The Mezni the important role played by the Board of Directors of BIC in mapping the investment to maintain and achieve the goals of the Iraqi investment law, stressing the need for cooperation of everyone to achieve Iraqi investment law and the goals of development and solidarity in order to advance the economy of Basra, especially when it most of Iraq's cities attractive investment as the economic capital of the country and enjoy the variety of resources and viable addition to political stability and security. / End / 20. Q. p /

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