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    Lightbulb New Chat Format TIPS

    TIPS for the new chatroom:

    1. Use the T below the text area to adjust your text. Use the paint palette to adjust background and change chat skin.

    2. Click on a username to see the menu.
    > Choose PRIVATE chat to IM.
    > Choose PERSONAL message to address a member in open chat.
    > Use the All Users text box (click down arrow) to reset after posting to a username.

    3. Hover or double click the vertical scroll bar area to access the speaker mute control and clear screen (yours).

    4. To remove avatars: click on the wrench (top right or left of screen), click Options, choose No avatars in chat

    5. iPhone/iPad and Android apps will be available for use tomorrow ... apps can be downloaded now in prep.

    > If you are using an Apple device – get the APP here 1st …

    > If you are using an Android OS – get the APP here 1st …

    6. If you are having any trouble getting in (and are a member) just log out of the website and log back in. That should clear your cache to start over in the new Chat Room

    1. To view members currently in chatroom, click Users (top right). Tap the arrow beside a username to view profile, IM or ignore.
    2. Click on Settings (bottom right) > General: adjust your preferences for Messages and Sound. The Chat ID is also listed in this window.
    3. In Settings > Status: options to show you are Available, Busy, or Away if you often leave the app open while multitasking.
    4. Choose Settings > Profile to review what displays to others.
    5. Click back, or use the Room icon (bottom left) to return to the Chat room.

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    Re: New Chat Format TIPS

    Help! I cannot remember the chat ID, and I keep getting logged off and having to re enter the chat id (on my tablet).

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