Than 185 detected a fraudulent document to the staff of Education
On: Friday 30/12/2011 6:52

Baghdad / term
Revealed the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Education than 185 forged document and a private staff of the ministry, with three minutes of investigative referred to the Integrity Commission, and completed 52 administrative investigation. And the statistical office in its activities especially prepared during the third quarter of this year, said its personnel spotted 185 falsified document provided by the staff of the ministry is taking legal action against the owners, Stressing that he was moving the criminal complaints against providers of false documents in other ministries.

The report noted that the number of administrative investigations referred to the Office in this chapter in 126 has been completed, 52 to achieve them, while the total number of records of investigative committees referred to the Integrity Commission three minutes, noting that the records of investigative committees carried out by public utilities in the ministries and audited by the Office amounted to 134 minutes of, pointing out that the 237 investigation is still under development. She said the number of statistical correspondence between the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Education and Integrity Commission, which divided by 613 books on the table of integrity and 615 issued to it, while the Office showed that the statistical received 563 complaints via the hotline and other sources.

The Bureau reviewed the audit activities, which were distributed by 73 of the contracts and tenders and 18 reports and 5 supervisory reports concerning the performance and implementation of treatment and 32 to check in progress, while the activity of the inspection to ensure the implementation of the 290 field visits and 6 to follow up the work of other projects.

He announced the recovery of 21 million and 211 thousand dinars to the Treasury Department as a result of the efforts of investigative and management audit, noting that the office is making efforts to preserve public funds during the audit of contracts and tenders and regulatory reporting, and raising the completion rate of projects lagging and the withdrawal of the work of the companies stalled and Contract Audit ministry before the final assignment.