900 receive electricity transformer capacity of distribution networks
On: Friday 30/12/2011 5:52

Baghdad / economic-term follow-up
Electricity Ministry said on Thursday it had received 900 transformer capacity of electric power distribution networks of the Lebanese company Matlk to contribute to bridging the acute shortage of energy in the country. He said ministry spokesman Musab al-teacher in a statement released yesterday,

"The Ministry of Electricity has received three meals of power transformers for the distribution networks to a capacity of 250. In. That is, equipped with the company Matlk Lebanese, in preparation for distribution to the departments of electrical power distribution for it."

"The stores Amiriya received 200 transferred aboard eight trucks, as the transformer capacity reached 250 to 450. In. That is, on board 10 trucks, as well as the arrival of 425 transferred on board the 17 trucks to the stores Shamma'iya."

He pointed out that "these converters fitted to the Ministry of Electricity is processed under a contract with 11 thousand converted by companies Matlk Aotk Lebanese and Saudi Arabia, Siemens Turkey, to meet the needs of the general directorates for distribution across the provinces of the country."

And the teacher that "The ministry has a range of other contracts with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to buy all of its production capacity and converters throughout the year

The Ministry of Electricity has entered into a contract with the company the Lebanese end of September to the processing capacity of the number of adapters 8500 transferred $ 58 million and 623 thousand U.S. dollars, and will be equipped transformers within six months from the date of opening Letter of Credit.

And entered into a contract early last November last with the company for processing Aotk Arabia is 1,250 transferred operational capacity (400 KV. In. Any) of $ 11.575 million dollars.

Also entered into a third decade at the beginning of the month with Siemens Turkey, the Ministry for the processing of transformer capacity is 1,250 to 31.5. In. Any cost nearly a million dollars.

Iraq needs at least 14 000 MW to meet the high demand for energy, while what he has does not currently exceed seven thousand megawatts.

Iraqis depend on generators to address the continuing shortage of up to about 18 hours a day

The electricity sector is suffering in Iraq in general from a lack of energy production for years due to what has happened in the stations and transport networks of major damage when the invasion of the country in 2003, and the subsequent acts of sabotage.