Adviser to Maliki: No reconciliation with Baathists and whose hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis
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Secret / Baghdad

Said Amer Khuzaie adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for reconciliation "that reconciliation does not include the Baathists and armed groups that stained its hands with the blood of the Iraqis."

Said Khuzai in a speech opening the festival's first national reconciliation "that national reconciliation was the first fruit of the Mecca agreement, which was held in order to collect spectra of the Iraqi people on one goal: to reunite the people of Iraq and the ensuing declaration of Mecca, who noted in paragraph nine that he has to be reconciliation comprehensive ".

He added, "that after the formation of a government of national unity was formed in 2006, the national reconciliation committee was formed to follow up the reconciliation of the Office of the Prime Minister. After the formation of a government of national partnership was formed and the Ministry of State for national reconciliation."

He referred to the "rules that have been on that basis the work of reconciliation and with whom is reconciliation and the size of reconciliation and whether intervention in the reconciliation of political conflicts between the blocks,"describing the reconciliation as "a government project aimed to harmonize all communities on the constants one and be the final word is only for Iraq."

He pointed out that "the reconciliation will not include the Ba'athists because they have their special status, as a law of accountability and justice for them, as the armed factions that stained its hands with the blood of Iraqis is not included in the reconciliation."