Eighth column: What Maliki wants?

On: Wed, 29/12/2011 9:12

 Ali Hussein
has people wondering what was the timing of the issue of al-Hashemi with the withdrawal of the last American soldier, and what came out by the Chief Minister on this day grim, speaking roughly, some say maybe Maliki chose the timing carefully to deliver more than one message and a sign that the political battle to come will be managed the way that want is, that the level of form either at the level of content, the most dangerous is the hadeeth of al-Maliki is that phrase which he said "we have to accept it - I mean, the Constitution -

What is it and reject the constitution has to be outside the government, "even if we put this phrase next to what he says group close to the Prime Minister realize that we are on a dangerous game based on the interpretation of the Constitution in line with the situation undergone by the Prime Minister, none of that happened in the last press conference and who did not understand anything from it except that the "yes" to the recent actions mean political stability and the preservation of the Constitution, while the word "no" means not to preserve the gains achieved during the past years, in the words of al-Maliki himself.
I have the image of the State after 2003 on the idea the division of powers and the separation between them so as to prevent the emergence of "sole ruler" has prompted citizens all too much after decades of dictatorship exercised by Saddam and after years of conflict between branches of power to reach a common understanding for the sharing of power, separation of powers was not to allow it not for the sacrifices of the Iraqis who have suffered power the man whose hand everything and knows everything, but it seems that some people do not want the image of the leader necessary to leave the Iraqi memory, he started from now puts an end to the series of Iraqi politics, the end appears the commander of the sole with a smile and reassure people that everything is going in the right direction and that the conspiracies of imperialism and its agents Stcypr and forever, and the scene ends with applause from the audience the poor who are taken in by the game, and who do not know until the moment of the establishment press conferences, how the decision is taken in Iraq? we mean here the decisions that affect their lives and their security and their future, and certainly members of the House of Representatives are like us We are poor surprised statement rumbling issued by the Baghdad Operations Command, in most of the steps taken by the prime minister, who know the insiders As will be issued resolutions are only a small group of inner circle surrounding Mr. Maliki, then find any decision whatever the fateful path of adoption through the declaration of close to cheering and drumming and see what happened achievement will be added to the many achievements that had exhausted the citizens during the past years.
We are well aware that the government treats randomly files with a serious and important, and moving without any strategy or logic and reached the helplessness she became invent us every day a new enemy to distract us from the real enemy, and became the most comments close to the Prime Minister problematic and dangerous anger of the people.
that a quick reading of events in recent days will show us that the political forces if they did not meet with each other, we're going, God forbid, a disaster.
Mr. Maliki is not before you today just have to sit through with the other political forces, and that you agree with the rules that you judge the country by the Constitution and the real, not the Constitution, which in your mind, because the alternative could not have been imagined by everyone to not do it never regret.