Parliamentarians and experts are demanding to accelerate the adoption of the budget next year

On: Wed, 29/12/2011 7:43
□ Baghdad / Ahmed Abed Rabbo

MPs called experts and the need to speed up the adoption of the budget for the coming year as it affects the lives of the citizens directly. They said in a talk to (economic term): The speed up the approval helps provide quick opportunities for the unemployed as well as the sustainability of the movement of public and private sectors, Stressing at the same time that popular discontent over the delay on the government.

A member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Abdul-Hussein Abtan's (range economic), the suspension of some members of parliament present at the Council of Representatives will lead to lack of quorum, which affects the process of voting on the budget, noting that it would delay the adoption of the budget 2012, which will reflect negatively on the the reconstruction process and to provide services to citizens.

He Abtan: to accelerate the budget will help to provide quick access to the unemployed, as well as the sustainability movement, the private sector in Iraq.
He Abtan: that the economic sectors in Iraq need the attention of a very large agricultural and industrial sectors such as tourism and the political tension will impact on the stakeholders in the completion of the budget on time and thus will affect primarily the citizen.

For her part, member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Nahida Daini that a delayed budget would increase popular discontent with the government, noting that the current year budget came too late, making a distinct lack of services and construction and implementation of projects in all sectors.

She's Daini (range economic) that the budget needs to approximately two months to complete the study in the House a banner to the existence of reservations from some political parties in the House of Representatives.

She Daini that some provinces did not happen, only a portion or half of the current budget in order to delay approval of schedule, indicating at the same time that its ratification of the Ministry of Planning came after the sixth month of the current year.

And called for expediting the adoption of the budget in order to reduce unemployment rates and the sustainability of project work on the infrastructure of the country.

To that, the member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Haitham Jubouri that the general budget is one of the most important issues that must be approved in due time.

Jubouri said to (the economic term) that delayed the budget will affect negatively on the situation of the country in general, as wages and salaries of employees in addition to their importance in terms of the process of imposing security and safety of citizens.

He Jubouri: The political tension will hinder the work of the parliament, which is reflected on the adoption of the budget on schedule.

He Jubouri: In the event of a crisis in the country's policy of trying some of the blocks put pressure on the ruling coalition to block the issues entrusted to the government.

He called on all parties involved in the political process to be a degree of responsibility and that you look professional look away from political interference.

In the meantime, the economic expert called on gnathion NA accelerate the general adoption of the budget as it affects the lives of the citizens directly.
He's gnathion NA (range economic) assumed to be held on the budget approved early eighth month of every year, pointing out that this gives a space of time sufficient to establish all the projects smoothly.

He gnathion NA: If the political crisis continued to accelerate the long delay tunnels, pointing out that this will negatively impact on projects to eradicate unemployment.

He, in turn, the economic expert Majid picture the political tension in the present affect the course of economic life in Iraq.

He said Suri's (range economic): The American withdrawal from Iraq is a joy for all, at the same time surrounding the political situation, some bickering that rely on quotas party, pointing to the lack of a realistic view of economic development in Iraq because this is very far from the views of the political. He added the picture: that the main problem lies in the composition of the general budget in terms of high amounts and which reached to 117 trillion Iraqis, there is a profusion of public money, indicating the lack of attention in the process of raising the living of the individual solutions put forward, mostly improvised, and useless. He called on politicians to agree on the requirements of the Iraqi people and how to achieve them for the benefit of social and human development in general.

He pointed to the need to eliminate unemployment, poverty and waste of funds through the import and combat the spread of financial and administrative corruption in government institutions.