Is the first of its kind in Iraq .. The ministries of planning and preparing for the implementation of science survey the peaceful uses of outer space
On: Tue 27/12/2011 14:13

Baghdad (news) .. preparing the ministries of planning, science and technology for the implementation of the survey of the peaceful uses of outer space in the government sector, which is the first of its kind in Iraq, it is hoped to implement during the month of February of 2012.

The Commission has held senior survey its first meeting at the headquarters of the Central Agency of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning and during the meeting was consideration of all the details of the stages of implementation of the survey, which includes the stage of planning, design and collection phase, data collection framework and the introduction and extraction of results.

Dr. Samir Al-Attar senior agent of the Ministry of Science and Technology Chairman of Supreme Committee for the survey, said: This survey is the first of its kind in Iraq is aimed at building an information base for decision makers to support the peaceful uses of outer space after taking the techniques of space and uses a wide range of developed and developing countries and rich and poor alike.

Al-Attar added: Nizmomat space communications and navigation satellites and their applications in the management and exploration of natural resources, services, and land became the core technologies and the requirements of the task of living human on earth. As well as the role they play economically and socially significant shift generates quick and advanced in the development of communities and countries, timely and directly and with high economic returns have many social effects.

For his part, Dr. Mahdi Keywords, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning: The Central Bureau of Statistics, in cooperation with the statistics in the Kurdistan region is working with the Higher National Committee of the uses of national Ytniv this survey to support the application of peaceful uses of the technology space science to support the implementation plans and the coordination and activation of the projects or support The use of such technologies and deploying them in the areas of sustainable development in Iraq, noting that the survey work to assess the reality of the situation and the statement of present and future needs access to the building of a national strategy for peaceful uses of outer space and achieve the vision in the recruitment of space science and technology in achieving sustainable development.

He said Keywords will be the formation of work teams specialized in the implementation of the survey in early January of 2012 and include eight teams to manage the operations and coordination, training and follow-up field as well as audit teams and the entry and prepare the final report, printing and teams include more than 90 people, including members of the link in the ministries.
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