Chihod calls to return to the Iraqi parliament and stop the policy of "creating a crisis"

26.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Maysan - Voices of Iraq called the National Alliance MP Mohammed Saadoun Chihod, Monday, the coalition in Iraq to return to the meetings of the House of Representatives to resolve the outstanding problems and overcome the current crisis in the country, calling on Iraq to stop the policy of "create a crisis," noting that the issue of exclusion and marginalization invoked by Iraq is not realistic. said Chihod told (Voices of Iraq) that "the coalition in Iraq to return to parliament sessions to resolve outstanding problems and to avoid creating a crisis in this important phase of the history of Iraq," noting that "the province of the Iraqi parliament does not affect in any way on the parliament sessions to come." He pointed out that "Iraq, the more recovered deliberately Iraqi List, the creation of crises and the series is long and well known to the follower of the Iraqi, who began to disrupt the formation of the government after the results of parliamentary elections and the issue of Council strategic policies, as well as non-selection of appropriate personal for the position of the Iraqi defense minister, and most recently the issue of forming regions, which was timed with the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. " He continued that "the issue of exclusion and marginalization, which contends its list is not realistic that the existing one-third of the Iraqi government and Itbu minister has important positions In addition to the Vice-President and the Prime Minister and President of Parliament. " The city of Amarah, Missan province, lies 390 km south of Baghdad.

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