State law and the majority waving Nujaifi prepared individually power
Date: Monday, 12/26/2011 10:00

Baghdad / term
in light of the current crisis worsening took some politicians waved the government of a political majority, and about this offering differing views between the conservative and dismissive, as it confirmed a coalition of state law, announced yesterday that the Iraqi List, a minority can not impose its will on the majority and the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki , and invited them to withdraw, if it chose not to participate in the government, he adhered to the National Alliance, Mr. Maliki as prime minister.

The MP said the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati said in an interview told Alsumaria News that "the Iraqi List, can not impose its will on the majority in parliament," asserting that "the Iraqi List, threatened two years ago to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister but it can not be, because he has a political base and strong parliamentary . "

Al-Bayati said that "the minority can not impose its will on the majority that decides who will be prime minister", for his part said the Kurdistan Alliance, he was working on a truce between the parties, and any political action or security does not serve the stage, said Rep. Shawn Mohammed Taha told (long) "in the event of worsening the situation once and for lack of access to resolving the outstanding issues, there are three options can be used to it, I go to early elections," However, Taha, "but that will not bring anything new and the result will be identical to the current situation" and the second; of the government of the political majority has indicated Taha "The Government of the majority will be a very big problem, because the political situation drawn by consensus, and that the political does not have a culture of opposition," and added, "If you stay the pace of political action in this rhythm, the perfect solution - the third - is resorting to the establishment of regions as defined by the Constitution, "For his part, House Speaker Osama Najafi, that" form a majority government policy intersect with the current situation in Iraq ", adding" we do not encourage this approach because democracy in Iraq is still in the first way. "

This came during a press conference held yesterday in Salahuddin province, he said, Najafi said, "Any private in power by the community will create a state of balance and thus affect the conditions of the country, and that the policy of double standards are unacceptable," adding that "the commitment to the Constitution and to maintain the style built upon the current political process, which is the principle of partnership, not the best of the majority of Iraq and its current status. "