IRAQ: Most Recent Laws PASSED - March 2014
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    IRAQ: Most Recent Laws PASSED - March 2014

    Unified Retirement Law No. (9) for the year 2014 Arabic Federal Law 16 Mar 2014

    Type of Law: Law

    Date Issued: 3 Mar 2014

    Date Published: 10 Mar 2014

    Status: In force

    Behalf of the people


    Based on what Agherhcil House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic and, according to the provisions of subsection (I) of Article (61) and item (iii) of Article (73) of the Constitution

    Issued the following law:

    No. (9) for the year 2014

    Unified Retirement Law

    Chapter One


    Article 1 -

    Intended Balmustlhatwalabarat the following for the purposes of this law, the meanings indicated opposite thereto:

    First Ministry: Ministry of Finance.
    Secondly, the Authority: the board of the national pension.

    Third Fund: State Employees Pension Fund.

    Fourth President of the Authority: Chairman of the board of the national pension.

    Fifth General Manager: Director General of the State Employees' Pension Fund.

    VI Board of Directors: Board of Directors of State Employees Pension Fund.

    Seventh - Employee: Every person entrusted with the function civilian, military or security forces within or assigned to public service and who receive a salary or bonus from Agra or deducted from the state and the arrests pensions.

    VIII - temp: Each person was hired and meets the conditions of employment set forth in Qanonlkhaddma Civil No. 24 of 1960 as amended.

    IX - retired: Everyone deserved for his services a pension or retirement benefit or a lump sum and Faqalagam this law.

    X. - of pension rights: the pension or reward pension or lump sum.

    Atheist ten - pension bonus: the reward for alternative pension.

    Twelfth - the lump sum: the monthly amount received by retired during his life and who has a pension for service Atqlan (10) ten years and less than (15) fifteen years

    Thirteenth - reward holidays: compensatory reward for holidays due to work injury.

    Fourteenth - indemnity: the amount of money paid to the employee assigned to retirement in accordance with law.

    Fifteenth - pension: monthly salary, which he deserves, retired

    Sixteenth - Career Salary: salary received by the employee during the service without pension allocations.

    Seventeenth - Average salary: average salary during the employee's career (36) thirty-six months of his recent retirement and Athzb for the purposes of this service salaries, which average less than one month.

    Eighteenth - Occupation pensions: the function performed in the state and is met by arrests pensions.

    Nineteenth - service pensions: length of service, which is calculated for the purposes of retirement under the provisions of this Act or any Qanonakhr reported arrests and the completed scheme.

    Twenty - share scheme: monthly quota which devolves receivable from the pension.

    XXI - back: family members of the employee or retiree who successors when he died, according to the provisions of this Act or any other law.

    XXII - your supplier: total monthly income not less than the minimum per share Altqaeidihllmsthak

    Twenty-third - due: worth of pension rights from behind.

    Twenty-fourth - Medical Committee: Committee medical problem competent official in the Ministry of Health.

    Twenty-fifth - the Appellate Medical Board: official medical committee selected by the Ministry of Health to look at Alaaataradalve submit to the decision of the medical committee.

    Twenty-sixth - of the disease: ill health which prevents the employee from carrying out his work and is not caused by a work injury.

    Twenty-seventh - occupational disease: ill health which prevents the employee from carrying out his work and arising from the practice of a particular profession.

    Twenty-eighth - Asabhaml: injured employee's occupational disease caused by the exercise of his or injury as a result of organic malfunction Hadabeda Job or from the virus is in the rule of injury accident, which is located in the employee's direct Atinazhabh to work or while returning to direct him

    Twenty-ninth - Holidays: decrease the ability to work full-or work-related injury Dziebsbb

    Thirty - the accident: accident emergency foreign material with a direct impact on the body.

    Thirty atheist - deficit: decrease the ability to work full or part-time due to illness.

    Chapter II

    Goals, means and Syriacs

    Article 2

    First, this law aims to the following:

    Achieve a decent living for covered by its provisions.

    B - to contribute to the promotion of the values ​​of social solidarity and fair access to the equation to ensure justice in the distribution of Aldkhlpin members of one generation and successive generations.

    C - ensure that the umbrella of retirement to more categories.

    D to provide physical and psychological stability to the largest possible number of employees, retirees and their successors.

    E ensure the protection of income for the people, workers and their families in cases of retirement, disability and old age, disability and death.

    And ease of movement of workers between the public and private sectors.

    Secondly - achieved the goals of this law means the following:

    A Fund's investment funds

    B - the unification of the provisions of the transmission of benefits between the public and private sectors and facilitate the movement of labor between them.

    C the use of technology in the provision of services for retirees.

    Article -3 -
    The provisions of this law to all employees of government departments and the public sector and temporary staff and in charge of public service and state employees in the mixed sector appointees before 9/4/2003 and retired in the following cases:

    First retirement.

    Secondly Oalaaqh disease.

    Thirdly aging.

    Fourth death.

    Chapter III


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    Re: IRAQ: Most Recent Laws PASSED - March 2014

    To catch us back up from where I left off:

    Most Recent Laws

    Title / Language / Jurisdiction / Document / Type / Date /Updated

    Unified Retirement Law No. (9) for the year 2014 Arabic Federal Law 16 Mar 2014

    Social Welfare Act No. 126 of 1980 (amended) Arabic Federal Law 14 Feb 2014

    University Service Law No. (23) of 2008 amended Arabic Federal Law 14 Feb 2014

    Abolition of the law of legal provisions that prohibit courts from hearing suits No. 17 for the year 2005 Arabic Federal Law 22 Jan 2014

    The decision of the Revolutionary Command Council (dissolved) No. 154 of 2001, some behaviors considered an encroachment on property belonging to the state and municipalities Arabic Federal Law 22 Jan 2014

    Constitution Arabic Federal Law 10 Jan 2014

    Law and imports municipalities No. (130) of 1963 amended Arabic Federal Law 4 Jan 2014

    Instructions No. (1) for the year 1981 to organize housing shops in Iraq (amended) Arabic Federal Law 13 Dec 2013

    Civil Defence Law No. (44) for the year 2013 Arabic Federal Law 12 Dec 2013

    Welfare Act with disabilities and special needs No. (38) for the year 2013

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