The rule of law are on the wing of al-Ahmad al: Baath constitutionally unacceptable and the Maliki government is able to govern

26.12.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - Alaa Fadel - Newspaper citizen refused a coalition of state law, the Baath party invitation suite Yunis al-Ahmad al to form a transitional government headed by Nuri al-Maliki, adding that the Baath Party is not welcome in the political process as it rejected a constitutional . The leader of the coalition of state law on the Keywords for the (citizen): "The Baath rejected a constitutional and is not welcome in the political process." "The Baath committed a crime against the Iraqi people and has no right to participate in the political process and its leaders are wanted for justice," adding that "The President Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi people have elected him and his government able to govern and to Ananaj tips and solutions from this party. " He noted that "the Baath Party is banned in the Constitution and can not stand to Izzat al-Duri or Younis al-Ahmad, who Marsa crimes against the Iraqi people to engage in the political process." And Keywords "do not have any words with the wings of the Baath Party and can not allow for any block to talk to that party." The party (Baath in Iraq - Suite Younis al-Ahmed) may submit to the Dawa Party, the initiative to form the (government of national unity interim) led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki , on the grounds that Iraq (will not be stable unless the Baath, advocacy and heedless past). And fired (command brigades in Iraq) initiative on the back of the explosions that rocked Baghdad recently, said in a statement in Damascus (We condemn acts Alarhabouaph that occurred Thursday, go to al-Maliki and through him to the Iraqi Dawa Party, the largest of the parties participating in the political process, where his history ancient call of Iraqi sincere away from the accusations of treason and conspiracy, and the valuation of the positions of national taken by the Iraqi government person-Maliki with Syria) and added (for this call for Maliki to review the present and his party, and we are reviewing errors of our party and choose a new leadership after errors daunting signed by persons as the Baath, and here is the Dawa party and other parties going in the same mistakes talking shop for the mistakes of the past) as described by the statement. It continued: (we are sure will not be stable Iraq, unless otherwise agreed by the Baath, advocacy and heedless past and looking ahead to a democratic Iraq free and independent safely enjoy the people welfare investment of wealth). The statement said that based on the above, we (we demand the formation of a national government run the country for a period of time not exceeding two years Maliki's talent of our military officers and national current and former, and during this period issued a general amnesty for former and successors of those who have sinned against Iraq and are excluded from the pardon of all who contributed to the Mall of the shedding of Iraqi blood), according to the statement quoted by news agencies.

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