Mohamed Khaldi: Iraq demands the application of the remainder of the terms of the Erbil
26/12/2011 11:29:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / Baghdad / p. ... G MP for the Iraqi List coalition Muhammad Al-Khalidi. The list calls for resolving all outstanding problems since the founding of the government, which was formed on the basis of Arbil initiative adopted by the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and apply what is left of it

And will not return to the Iraqi government and parliament has not implemented all of its demands and solve the outstanding problems since the formation of the government.

Khalidi explained to the reporter (and independent Iraqi news agency) that the right to dismiss any government minister and ministers of the Iraqi List, absent to attend the meetings of the Council of Ministers Because the House of Representatives is authorized to give them the confidence which Baqalthm.

He called on politicians to return to the round table by the President of the Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, without the requirement of all the blocks. To be able to resolve the political crisis gripping the country ...