Q:Help! I'm trying to post something in the forum and it won't let me. It asks for a title but I can't type in the box.

We are excited to have your contributions--we love our DU Family!!

Please try this and if it still won't work let us know using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, or ask someone in chat to let Admin know about the problem. Now ... read on for the current solution:
At this time, Internet Explorer seems to be the only browser that will allow us to enter text into a Title box. I've come across one or two other features that also require a login via IE, but at this time I don't recall what those were--possibly Admin related and not affecting Member participation at all. If you hit a wall, try IE.

If you are simply posting a comment to an existing thread this does not affect you. You can use the Reply button in any browser.

I hope this helps!!