U.S. companies expressed interest in investing in Wasit payment system on credit
Date: Monday, 12/26/2011 19:46

Wasit (news) .. a U.S. company has expressed its desire to implement investment projects and investment sectors of the electricity infrastructure in the province of Wasit in the payment system on credit.

The director of the Media Council to maintain Taha Alrdene reporter Agency (news) on Monday: The Company has expressed (S.KH.A) U.S. desire to establish investment projects in power, services and infrastructure within the payment system on credit.

Alrdene said that the company expressed its desire to set up 20 stations, electric capacity of 30-megawatt working with material black oil and the construction of 24 thousand residential units with the establishment of infrastructure and the creation of 300 housing units are distributed to Almtafvin from the province for free.

He added that the company also expressed its desire to maintain processing Gibson type of ambulance vehicles and the establishment of hospitals for competence and eye diseases, blood, bones and heart.

The head of the provincial council media: The Investment Authority expressed its willingness to provide support and facilities for investment companies and investors in all fields, according to the laws and regulations. / Finished / 19 /